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From Catholic, to atheist to spiritual: one student’s discovery of the science of the soul

From Catholic, to atheist to spiritual: one student's discovery of the science of the soul

Luis Rivas

November 19, 2012

  Growing up Catholic makes it easy to become an atheist. Like most Chicanos in the San Fernando Valley, I was a small, unsuspecting baby when I was baptized by the Catholic Church – too tiny to offer any protest or clarification. I attended morning mass every Sunday, kicking or screaming. Well, al...

One nation unaffiliated: Religious indifference is better for society

Taylor Villescas

November 13, 2012

    Just try to imagine a country where someone’s religion does not get in everyone’s way. A place where church and state, religion and politics all stayed far, far away from each other. This is not just an agnostic’s wet dream anymore, it is becoming a reality. In light of last week’s election ...

Beyond Belief: Faith still has a place in modern life

Hansook Oh

October 3, 2012

    Last Thursday we ran our first article for “Beyond Belief,” a column on the role of religion, faith or lack thereof in our lives. The column was inspired by a recent international poll called "The Global Index of Religion and Atheism," which reported that globally, religion is...

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