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Thanksgiving, stuffed with colonialism and capitalism for added zest

Illustration by Ryan Mancini/ Assistant Opinions Editor

Ryan Mancini

November 24, 2014

What do colonialism and capitalism have to do with the Thanksgiving holiday?   By Ryan Mancini The theatrics of the holiday season create a seductive and aggravating period for most Americans. The capitalistic pull consumes people into buying food and gifts, and the supposed mor...

Obamacare is not true universal health care while under corporate control

Illustration courtesy of MCT

Steven Maiken

February 6, 2014

It’s great that millions of Americans will now have health care with the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (popularly known as Obamacare). People with pre-existing health conditions do not need to be afraid of health insurance providers denying them coverage. However, millions will still remain...

Everything I learned was wrong

Everything I learned was wrong

Luis Rivas

December 10, 2013

In the newsroom at the Daily Sundial we often talk about the concepts of balance and objectivity. Reporters and editors have always shared opposing arguments. Our stories are an extension of this discourse. But it’s not our fault. We are conditioned We are all conditioned, and we are taught that we are not conditioned. Especially journal...

Enroll in college and don’t ever enlist in the service

Enroll in college and don't ever enlist in the service

Luis Rivas

November 11, 2013

For this Veteran’s Day, I’d like to encourage everyone to honor the memory of fallen service men and women of this country by lighting the American flag on fire and burning down military recruitment centers - so that the cycle of creating veterans can end. But if that doesn’t seem appropriat...

How to win in the game of capitalism

How to win in the game of capitalism

Mona Adem

November 5, 2013

Have you ever played the game “How to beat Capitalism?” No? Then please allow me to explain the setup of the game, which is rather basic and straightforward: First, never choose to become poor and always be a puppet for the wealthy, no matter what. If they say jump, you say “how high?” If t...

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