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students sit in theater before "which way home" showing

Documentary informs students about the harsh realities of crossing the border

CAUSA presented the documentary, Which Way Home, in hopes to inform them of the real life situations migrants face on a daily basis as they attempt to make their was into the United States.

CAUSA brings awareness to the Central American community

Karen Gonzalez knew from the moment she began attending CSUN in Fall 2012 that she wanted to be a part of the then five-member...

EOP celebrates 45 years

CSUN students and EOP community join together to celebrate the 45 years that the EOP program has provided to improve the education of students. Free food,...

We are human: MEChA and CAUSA’s response to the AB540 controversy

Megan Magers’ uninformed and misguided article titled “Starve the Beast.” Magers’ discourse is racist and violent, especially as she asks, “Why buy the cow...
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