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CSUN students and professors get ready to vote on Nov. 2

Jackie Holmes October 31, 2010

Election day is Nov. 2 and for weeks students and the American population have been seeing advertisements for propositions and candidates in every type of media. Political science professor Tom Hogen-Esch...

Undocumented give certain states advantage

Contributor April 14, 2010

Antoine Abou-Diwan contributing reporter Like any company that wishes to stay in business, our government needs to take an inventory on a regular basis. Using a short, 10-question form that asks basic...

Prisoners can’t vote, but do count

Alexandra Brell April 14, 2010

Ten years ago, I did not think twice about the census. I filled it out and sent it in, no questions asked. However, this time, I got to thinking about the logistical nightmare in attempting to count every...

Don’t take the census for granted, benefit from it

Wendy Peters April 14, 2010

Those with the “I just don’t care” attitude, who fail to return the 10-question, 2010 census form by the April 17 deadline, will receive visits in the upcoming months from enumerators, who will...

The obligatory and offensive census

Kimberly Krieger April 14, 2010

Around every corner, people are talking about the census. From what I have heard so far, the census is a lot like taxes- no one wants to do it, yet it has to be done eventually. Since the beginning...

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