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Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton shake hands

DC Society: It’s all about the superdelegates

This week, democrats talked about superdelegates. What are superdelegates and why should primary voters care?
Illustration of a map of the United States of America' colored in all black with a gray Marijuana leaf drawn on top of the map.

North America is heading toward marijuana legalization

With aspects of all three North American countries supporting the notion of marijuana legalization, it's time to bring a swift end to the pathetic drug war.

Poll: Were you expecting Joe Biden to run for president?

Everyone's just going along with Joe.

Not enough “Bern” and not ready for Hillary

As Sanders flickers, Clinton reaches out for something or someone in this first debate.

Brush past the scandals, and let’s get on with it!

In the first Democratic debate, Sanders was able to get to the point, past all of Clinton's drama.
Bill Clinton and Hilary Clinton at a ceremony.

The Clinton legacy: the good, the bad, the weird and all...

A quick look at the best readings on Bill, Hillary and the administrations that was and can still be.
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