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CSUN police practice their shooting skills with fake guns

CSUN PD and CTVA collaborate on active shooter video.

Active shooter awareness video informs students on how to be prepared.
Man pictured in tears

Police brutality given a new perspective in CTVA film ‘Vestige’

The department of Cinema and Television Arts team of four take their film-making skills to the Academy and other film festivals with senior thesis project.

Director Robert Townsend talks Hollywood film stereotypes

Students view “Hollywood Shuffle," a film about the racial stereotypes in media.

CTVA program encourages diversity in the film industry

The CTVA program promoting diversity in the industry by promoting diversity in school first

Copycat mentality cause reboots in film and television industry to rise

As the trend of reviving old television continues to dominate the market, many wonder is there any room left for creativity?

CSUN student overcomes physical challenges to achieve his goals

CTVA student talks about his daily existence in a wheelchair
Sound editor Michael O'Connor checks equipment.

Sound editor alumnus donates work to CTVA department

Graduate makes audio recordings at CSUN and donates to students for use

Robbie Lynn, On the Verge to Success

If you think waiting to start your own professional studio and or even your career when you wait until after graduation, think again.

CSUN On Point: February 24th, 2015

On Point reports on diversity in Hollywood, with CTVA Professor Dianah Wynter and Africana Studies Professor Sheba Lo.

Voting for a new faculty contract

A mother in Oregon is charged with the murder of her autistic son, and House Speaker John Boehner says he'll use the GOP majority...

Short film provides students with experience

Students who are approaching graduation will inevitably find professional experience, whether it’s paid or not, is absolutely essential to reaching their career aspirations. You...

Film students know how to impress: Reasons why Hollywood Reporter didn’t...

>>>CORRECTION: The story incorrectly stated that the department has the opportunity to employ lectures and part-time instructors such as television star Bill Cosby.  Bill...
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