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After the intermission, traditionally Vietnamese performances were performed by CSUN student Trammy Nguyen, and her VSA group members in-between scenes from Bonds, on Friday, April 17 at the Nordhoff Campus Theatre. Photo credit: Sean Thomas

Vietnamese Culture Night Tackles Domestic Violence and Support

Sean Thomas April 19, 2015

The Vietnamese Student Association hosted their 2nd annual Vietnamese Cultural Night at the Nordhoff Campus Theatre Friday evening. Domestic violence and acceptance was the key theme to this year's...

Men should lead the anti-sexual-violence movement

Jeffrey Zide October 30, 2012

Why did this happen? What did I do to deserve this? What I’m going to tell my parents? These are some of the many possible questions that go through the mind of a sexual assault victim in the moments...

Film student overcomes obstacles, showcase similar stories

Brian De Los Santos May 11, 2011

Luz Sanchez has been through a lot. She was mugged for her school books. She also saw her mother become a victim of domestic abuse. She was also forced to move to the United States in search for a better...

Staff editorial: Helping immigrants facing domestic abuse

Contributor April 20, 2010

By the time we as news consumers read about domestic violence it’s usually after someone was seriously injured or killed. The camera crews roll in and knock on the neighbor’s doors and we hear the...

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