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The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

A woman posing to the picture at Chicanos lobby

Federal appeals court rules DACA unconstitutional

Damaris Galeano, Reporter December 21, 2022

A federal appeals court ruled Oct. 5 that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program is unconstitutional, and that new applications will not be accepted, though renewals are allowed. While the...

Illustration shows a sillouette of donald trumps face with an american flag print

Coup de Trump

Ryan Mancini May 11, 2017
A Yale professor says Trump and company will stage a coup before 2020. Does this mean America is going through a reckoning leading to this coup?
Ben Carson shakes hands with Donald Trump

Trump cabinet appointees concern students, professors

Ryan Mancini December 8, 2016
With his choices of candidates to fill cabinet positions, the Trump administration is already stirring worry among Americans.
Several novels are stacked on top one another

Review: ‘John Adams’

Ryan Mancini December 7, 2016
In looking to David McCullough's 2001 masterpiece on the second president, it may help Americans understand some of the ego behind the Oval Office.
donald trump speaks at the podium for an event hosted by the company carrier

Election month-down: Trumplandia

Ryan Mancini December 7, 2016
In the era of Trump, what is real and what is not, will blend into one and trolling will find itself accepted.
Downtown LA is crowded with anti-trump protesters

How students are coping with Donald Trump’s win

Ryan Mancini December 5, 2016
While Americans have been visibly unhappy about the election results, there are CSUN students who think the protesting is connected to denial and entitlement.
People in New York protest the North Dakota access pipeline

Army, Obama Administration halt development of Dakota Access Pipeline

Ryan Mancini December 4, 2016
Opponents of the pipeline argue it will bleed oil in reservoirs used for drinking water at the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation.
Donald Trump delivers speech at podium

Donald Trump plans to tackle immigration and climate change in his first 100 days

Dalia Espinosa November 11, 2016
Donald Trump’s campaign made promises that many Americans shook off as empty threats, but now that he won the presidential election, a more serious look at his plans is needed.
Trump shown speaking on the podium next to running mate Mike Pence

Political science professors reflect on election results

Anthony Martinez November 9, 2016
Professors comment on Trump, the election and what might happen during this term.
Students sand together in protest of Trumps election

Dream Center will provide attorneys for students in fear of their future

Ryan Mancini November 9, 2016
Given Donald Trump's campaign rhetoric, CSUN Dreamers are preparing for the worst.
People shown voting

Unlikely election results motivate students to vote

Ryan Mancini November 9, 2016
In an election where votes matter seemingly greater than before, CSUN students still made their way to the voting booths on Election Day.
Trump and Clinton shake hands after debate

Election month-down: with the October surprise comes overdue urgency

Ryan Mancini November 2, 2016
With a latent period in hurting the candidates' poll numbers, it will become more determined in who will win the election, which is not necessarily a good thing.
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