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Let’s stand up for education together: A California assemblyman’s work to save education


March 12, 2012

By California Assemblyman Bob Blumenfield I was thrilled last week when thousands of students from across California rallied around the State Capitol to speak out against further budget cuts at our public universities.  I share their frustration with these cuts and encourage you, the students and un...

CSUN hosts conference that discusses the future of California’s public education amidst budget cuts


April 23, 2011

Students demanded a question and answer session with CSU Chancellor Charles Reed in an event held at CSUN. Reed obliged. “CSU: in the next 50 years” addressed education issues at the conference held at the Valley Performance Arts Center. CSUN hosted a day of discussions regarding education policies of the CSU system. Among faculty, staff and other educators from various CSU campuses, Senator Alex Padilla (D-San ...

CSU collects data from teachers in the field to improve education curicula

Reanna Delgadillo

April 10, 2011

Faculty at CSUs across California are taking another step in ensuring the success of their teachers in K-12 schools to make it the best environment for both student and teachers. The CSU Center for Teacher Quality based at CSU Sacramento, works to collect data and experiences of teachers out in the...

Adaptive technology eliminates roadblocks to education for disabled students

Christiaan Patterson

February 8, 2011

CSUN students with disabilities are encouraged to seek assistance and support from the Center on Disabilities and professors for aid necessary to ensure academic success. Across the nation, the average percentile of any university’s student body who have registered disabilities is about 4.7 ...

CSUN’s diverse campus counters education gap

Alison Geller

February 8, 2011

Although the 2010 U.S. Census reported the national percentage of students obtaining college degrees has steadily increased along with the ever-present racial gap, the CSUN campus is an exception to the statistic. Bettina Huber, the director of Institutional Research at CSUN wrote a report on the...

CSU launches initiative to study high-performing schools in disadvantaged areas

Reanna Delgadillo

February 6, 2011

The California State University (CSU) and business owners statewide have undertaken the task of reforming the California K-12 public school system by gathering data and practices from high-performing schools that reside in impoverished neighborhoods to help other schools in the state and educate new ...

CSUN alumna receives Great American Teacher Award

Marissa Kindelspire

December 8, 2010

When Genein Letford wanted to teach her third graders about architecture, she did not just flip open a textbook and copy information on a chalkboard. Instead, she rounded the children up and took them on a field trip to her alma mater, University of California, Los Angeles. It is this alternative approach that contributed to her recent Great American Te...

Students return to school for master’s degrees due to economy


December 6, 2010

One week after Neal Winn, 30, graduated from Connecticut College in 2002, he was employed with the Hartford Insurance Group.  It took Winn a year before he realized insurance was not his business and set out to find a more interesting field to lend his skills. Within a few months, Winn was working...

Grant helps students get teacher credentials through college of education

Christina Toroyan

December 1, 2010

CSUN’s College of Education will implement a program that will help high-need students attain higher education to become teachers. Along with five other CSU campuses, CSUN will share a $3 million grant that will help students get their degrees. CSUN will get approximately $300,000, which will be...

The iPad coming to university campuses?

Rima Bek

October 1, 2010

Do you want to be part of a university program where you are given or loaned an iPad to utilize for your education for free? If you attend schools such as Duke University, Oklahoma State, or the University of Maryland, you can—well, some at least some of you—according to The Apple...

Forget Waldo, where is our education?


September 21, 2010

Lately, I can’t help but picture this giant, animalistic creature of barbaric characteristics stomping around California snatching each and every communitycollege and university in its path, ripping the foundations of these institutions straight up off the ground, and taking bite after bite bef...

Homeschool isn’t the same as school


September 19, 2010

Have you ever asked yourself “How important is an education?” or “How essential it is in a person’s life?” Education is having the ability to obtain everyday knowledge and having the ability to grow towards higher goals. In today’s society there are two major types of education, public school...

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