The Sundial

Staff Editorial: A sliver of activism brightens CSUN


December 2, 2009

The other day in class I witnessed something I have never seen in the four years of my college life. It happened during what I expected to be a three-hour lecture about media law when a student from our class received permission from the professor to speak to us about something that affects us all: the budget cuts. This came as a surprise to me becau...

Sarah Palin is not so different than we are

Jesse Bob Harper

November 23, 2009

Jesse Bob Harper Just to be clear, topping the short list of things I wouldn’t do to win a bet is casting a vote for Sarah Palin. For anything. Even as a joke, like writing her name in to be mayor of San Francisco. The lady frightens me. However, there is one thing I do admire about Mrs. Palin, and it isn’t her looks...

Staff Editorial: What are you going to do about it?


August 21, 2009

At the start of this summer we faced the worst stage of our financial crisis.  News was saturated with continuous Wall Street woes, business' crumbling and storefronts becoming vacant.  Jobs were lost every Friday, as it became the worst day of the week rather than the one people looked forward to. ...

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