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Defendant to plead not guilty in double-homicide of CSUN student, friend

Photo of Brian Gonzales

Eric Licas

April 21, 2016

The man accused of the murders of Jerred Scott and CSUN student Emily Fox will contest the charges brought before him in court this June. A plea of not guilty was entered by the court Thursday on behalf of the defendant, Brian Gonzales, despite his attorney’s request to delay the proceedings. Defense...

Gracepoint starts out strong, but its longevity is questionable

Photo Courtesy of FOX Entertainment

Candice Criss

October 1, 2014

“Gracepoint,” a 10-part mystery series led by actors Anna Gunn (Breaking Bad) and David Tennant previously seen on BBC’s Doctor Who, will keep viewers guessing, but whether or not it will have any staying power on the network is a mystery within itself. The show follows Detectives Ellie...

Fox sheds light on DC comics’ underdog in “Gotham”

Fox sheds light on DC comics' underdog in

Alik Ourfalian

September 24, 2014

On Monday night, Fox debuted the highly anticipated show "Gotham," a series based on the fictional city from DC Comics' Batman franchise. Essentially, “Gotham” will serve as a prequel to the Batman story, revealing how each character was created and developed. “Gotham” follows Detective ...

Red Band Society has potential, but where will it go?

Red Band Society has potential, but where will it go?

Alik Ourfalian

September 16, 2014

In this fall’s television lineup, Fox will debut a new show called “Red Band Society” about a group of adolescents in the fictional Ocean Park Hospital in Los Angeles. The story is narrated by Charlie, a patient at the hospital who is in a coma but can hear everything happening around him. ...

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