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A.S. hosts conference, encourages high schoolers to pursue college

Granada Hills High school students placed flowers on the Matador statue. (Ellen Choi/ Sundial)

Nicollette Ashtiani

March 1, 2016

High school students got a taste of college life yesterday as they explored the CSUN campus as a part of Associated Students' "A.S. Awareness Month."Local high school Associated Student Body students from Northridge Academy and Granda Hills Charter were invited to attend a "High School Conference," a series ...

Parents juggle CSUN student life and family

Two mothers pushing their children in strollers on CSUN campus.

Danielle Parmentier

October 5, 2015

Shower, get dressed, start breakfast, then wake up two-year-old Isabella to get her fed, dressed and ready to go to day care only after organizing schoolbooks and homework assignments for the day.This is only part of the weekly routine in social welfare major Kelly Amaya’s morning that begins at...

Community College Chancellor anounces 15 campuses to offer B.A’s

Courtesy of Adam Wolffbrandt/MCT

Kathleen Johnson

January 22, 2015

  The California Community Colleges Board of Governors met on Tuesday in Sacramento to discuss the baccalaureate degree program, a program intended to change the expectation of obtaining higher education in California. Today, the state consists of 112 community colleges, which until now have only offered a two-...

Get your B.A. at community college

Get your B.A. at community college

Michelle Dominguez

November 4, 2013

College is difficult. That is a fact. From classes to parking permits, every small detail is a pest to think about but in order to receive that coveted bachelor's degree. This is what we have to endure, right? Not necessarily. Very soon there might not be a need to transfer to a four-year institution. Wh...

Stop treating college as a business

Calvin Ratana

October 29, 2013

For many students, college is the way for us to be able to obtain a secure financial future. Society tells us that if we want a future for ourselves and family, college is the way to go. Of course the matter of paying for college occurs, however many advisors tell students to apply for FAFSA or apply...

Invest in your education long-term; No down payment necessary

Raewyn Smith

March 4, 2012

It’s no secret that the government is attacking the higher education system in California with budget cuts and penalty fees. Last month, students at UC Riverside released a proposal to fix the education crisis; students would attend University of California schools with no upfront charges and upon...

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