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Unlikely election results motivate students to vote

People shown voting

Ryan Mancini

November 9, 2016

Prior to Election Day's surprising results, CSUN students found confidence in making it to the polls to vote for their preferred candidate."My vote is my vote," said Faith Vuong, 22, a finance major and senior. "It wouldn't make sense to not have a voting system, that's why we're in a democratic system."W...

Election month-down: with the October surprise comes overdue urgency

Trump and Clinton shake hands after debate

Ryan Mancini

November 2, 2016

Well, it did get worse.For some reason, it took ridiculous comments made by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump 11 years ago to fundamentally break his campaign. This tape has been called the definitive October surprise of this election year. In the last two debates, Democratic candidate Hi...

Presidential nominees battle it out in second debate

Trump and Clinton shake hands

Robert Spallone

October 10, 2016

A bitter election cycle led both candidates to stiff each other on handshakes starting the second presidential debate between Hillary Clinton (D.) and Donald Trump (R.) on Sunday night. Gallup pollsters somehow managed to find undecided voters to ask questions for a town hall debate format at Washington...

Election Month-down: the unanticipated start

Comic shows presidential debate with Trump and Clinton

Ryan Mancini

October 2, 2016

With an election such as this, the first presidential debate between candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is both a noxious reminder this election is still ongoing and that it's almost over. Or it may be the start of something worse. Either way, this debate surely showed it. Trump has found...

Politics on campus brings different opinions

Image of a cartoon donkey, matador, and elephant

Genna Gold

April 18, 2016

As the 2016 political race continues, US citizens are not thrilled with their options for president. "The way I see it, Hillary would keep the status quo, Trump would essentially have an authoritarian regime and Bernie's way of wanting to run the nation would crash and burn," Uriel Rico, 20, political...

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