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Student hosts open-mic night in dorm room

man in yellow sweater holds mic and performs passionately

Jacob Pascua

April 12, 2018

The first floor of Carrageen Hall erupted with the sound of poetry, hip-hop and the voices of students Monday night. From inside the walls of a humble dorm room, 19-year-old Alex Uribe hosted his own open mic and art gallery event to give students the opportunity to showcase their expressions in different...

Captured: Thundercat

Los Angeles musician, Thundercat, preforms in Los Angeles on October 11, 2015

Vincent Nguyen

October 13, 2015

It's been a big year for multi-genre artist Thundercat. After releasing his EP, "Beyond Where the Giants Roam," performing on NPR and being featured on multiple tracks off of Kendrick Lamar's "To Pimp A Butterfly," Thundercat performed before a huge crowd in his final show at the Regent in downtown L.A....

Earl Sweatshirt releases ‘I Don’t Like S–t, I Don’t Go Outside’

Tamara Syed

April 3, 2015

Earl Sweatshirt’s release of his second solo project, “I Don’t Like S--t, I Don’t Go Outside” allows listener’s to delve into the inner frustrations of a 20-year- old. The Odd Future member’s self-produced tracks (except for Left Brain’s “Off Top&...

Bass & Beats Podcast Ep. 3: The Grammys (Yeezus Edition)

Kanye West performs at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards at Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sunday, Feb. 8, 2015. Photo Courtesy of Robert Gauthier of the Los Angeles Times and Tribune News Services.

Daniel Shin

February 11, 2015

On this week's Bass & Beats podcast, Kenny and Jordan talk about what's good with Lupe Fiasco's new album "Tetsuo & Youth," why Kanye didn't go far enough at the Grammys and the other Grammy Hip Hop winners of the night. Follow Kenny at @OzoGrande and Jordan Ball at @Golden_Jordan1. If you’re...

Sundial songs of the week: a taste of new 2015 music

Sundial songs of the week: a taste of new 2015 music

Vincent Nguyen

February 2, 2015

Death Cab, Travis Scott, and Big Sean are among the big names this week, releasing new tracks that have eased their way to the Sundial's third edition of the Spring Collection. But there's a good reason why they're far below in the playlist, and it's because we've got some great talent to open up the...

Bass and Beats Pilot Episode

Bass and Beats Pilot Episode

Vincent Nguyen

January 28, 2015

Bass and beats is a podcast lead by the Sundial Sports Editors Kenneth Berry and Vincent Nguyen who talk about their passion for Hip-Hop. The editors will discuss the latest in Hip-Hop with an in depth analysis of how hip hop is affecting culture, trends, and society as a whole. Current events...

Sundial Songs of the Week: The Spring Collection Vol. 1

Sundial Songs of the Week: The Spring Collection Vol. 1

Vincent Nguyen

January 19, 2015

Hibernation is over. As the animals come out of their hiding places and enter the world with the gleaming sun on their eyes, they are gifted with the fresh smell of pine and wildlife. For us, however, it’s not at all that romanticized. But welcome back, Matadors. First day of the spring semester me...

Hip-hop club tunes into the beat

Members of the CSUN Hip-Hop Club practice a dance routine in the Motivation Studio at the SRC. Club members cherish the relationships they form with one another and the happiness they gain from performing.

Allessandra Lopez

November 19, 2014

Photos by Alex Vejar Dancing is a source of happiness for CSUN Hip-Hop club members. They thrive from this highly personal outlet of self-expression through dance. This was one of the first dance clubs to be established on campus in 2001 and it has attracted many students who were interested in ...

Hip-hop is resistance against the inequalities in society

Illustration by Luis Rivas/Senior Staff

Luis Rivas

April 2, 2014

When I tell people that hip-hop can save the world, I am usually met with confused looks, blank stares or people rolling their eyes. But it’s true. Hip-hop can fight against racism, sexism and other injustices. Here’s how: First step is to forget everything you think you may know about hip-hop. I want you to clear out all the top billboard hip-hop hit...

Senagalese rapper spreads civil rights awareness through hip-hop

Lauren Reyes

March 9, 2014

In Senegal, West Africa, the phrase enough is enough or “Y’en a Marre” is associated with a struggle for human rights and the movement that was birthed through hip-hop music and artists such as Cheikh Ourmar Touré, also known as Thiat. CSUN students were introduced to Thiat and the youth mov...

True hip hop music lies underground

True hip hop music lies underground

Calvin Ratana

November 18, 2013

I beat the p*ssy up, up, up. Hold on folks, what the hell? Did rapper LoveRance really say that he’s going to beat a vagina up? Oh yes he did. Folks, this is the state of the so called hip-hop industry today. I sadly announce that as of right now, hip-hop is malnourished and needs the love and attention th...

Is homophobia fading in hip hop and rap?

Is homophobia fading in hip hop and rap?

Luis Campos

September 9, 2012

After Frank Ocean’s brave decision to introduce himself to the world as a bisexual man, the hip hop community appears to have taken a new shift on their views on sexuality. The world of urban music has been critically acknowledged as the genre that is acquainted by “machismo” point of views. Ga...

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