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eva pictured holding a photograph of her mother

Holocaust survivor recalls encampment and liberation

Laura Mendez March 13, 2017

With only half an hour to collect their belongings, Eva Brettler, her grandmother and her aunt were told that they would be taken to a concentration camp. Brettler, a survivor of the Ravensbruck concentration...

Eva Katz says she spent time in Ravensbruck and Bergen-Belsen, before the latter camp was liberated by the British on April 15, 1945. Katz speaks about Luba, a woman who helped rescue children at Bergen-Belson. Photo Credit: Leilani Keeping/ Contributor

Holocaust survivors share experiences with students

Priscilla Ross November 4, 2014

[This story has been updated with the following corrections: Ravensbrück concentration camp has been changed from Robinsbrook concentration camp; Eva Brettler's name has been changed from Eva Katz...

Holocaust survivor speaks to Jewish Studies class about his struggle to survive

Blanca Gomez October 24, 2010

A Holocaust survivor spoke to a crowded classroom about his life and struggle to keep his hope and survive in a time of turmoil in history, when millions of people died for being different. Students...

CSUN students to travel to Poland to learn more about the Holocaust

Gwenn Crittle June 15, 2010

Students from CSUN and Loyola Marymount University will travel to Poland to learn about the Holocaust. CSUN Associate Professor of English Dr. Dorothy Clark along with her colleague Associate Professor...

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