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Deported Businessman Separated From Family

picture of a picture on a phone of 4 young children playing in a living room

Valley View News

February 27, 2018

Julian Montanez, a San Fernando Valley resident, was deported to Mexico last week. He owns an air conditioning business which supports his family. He was caught numerous times for traffic violations and felonies. After visiting his parole officer, he was caught by ICE. He says if he tries to come back...

Trump signs executive order on trade deals

Donald Trump is pictured in the Oval Office with his executive order

Sandra Say

January 29, 2017

A week since being sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump has taken full advantage of his authority as commander in chief by signing a slew of executive orders. Nevertheless, Trump was able to achieve one of his main campaign promises on Monday Jan. 23, when he signed an...

Donald Trump plans to tackle immigration and climate change in his first 100 days

Donald Trump delivers speech at podium

Dalia Espinosa

November 11, 2016

Donald Trump left millions of people stunned on Tuesday when he was announced as the president-elect of the United States as a result of the majority of electoral votes being in his favor. Trump states in his contract with the American voter that in his 100-day action plan, his priorities include...

Documentary informs students about the harsh realities of crossing the border

students sit in theater before

Natalie Jimenez

April 26, 2016

Students were given the opportunity to see a different side of immigration Monday evening by taking a personal look of the migrant journey toward the United States through the eyes of children. For their final event of the semester, members of the Central American United Student Association decided to showcase the documentary "Which Way Home." The film follows ...

How I learned to quit worrying and love the Trump

(Francine Orr/Los Angeles Times/TNS)

William Pond

September 24, 2015

Politics is fucked, man. This single sentence, more than anything else, has permeated the attitudes of the millennial generation. We have grown up in a world of political scandals, extremism and levels of political polarization so vast that approval ratings for Congress sit at 14%. There is a lack...

You can choose the state, but the state chooses no one

Illustration by Julienne Shih / Illustrator

Armen Aghabekov

September 21, 2015

Being both a coastal and border state, California has incoming immigrants and tourists and of course, everyone has something to say.California is one of the largest states in the United States of America. Unsurprisingly, it's the most populated state, encompassing over 12 percent of the U.S populatio...

CSUN students protest against the Mexican government on Revolution Day

Gabriela Rodriguez

November 20, 2014

President Obama addresses the nation about immigration. Matador News Reporter Laura Ponce reports on protests in Mexico and at CSUN against the Mexican government's handling of the case of 43 missing students. CSUN students react to the release of the next Hunger Games movie. Producers: Vanessa Escalera,...

DACA is only a bandage for a gaping wound in America

Courtesy of MCT

Calvin Ratana

March 19, 2014

Imagine being forced out of a place you have called home for the past several years of your life. Imagine that in order to stay in your home, you must apply to stay there every two years. Imagine feeling alienated from your own household because of a situation you had no choice in. That is the ble...

President calls for immigration reform, wage increase in State of the Union address

Brionna Lewis

January 29, 2014

President Barack Obama called for bipartisan immigration reform in his fifth State of the Union address to Congress last night. “When people come here to fulfill their dreams, to study, invent, contribute to our culture, they make our country a more attractive place for businesses to locate and cr...

Immigration reform not fast enough

Immigration reform not fast enough

Won Choi

December 3, 2013

“Hey, I’m going to Vegas tomorrow,” Matt said. “Lucky,” I answered. “I’m stuck in school doing my midterms and you’re going off to party. Good life.” “No girl,” Matt said. “I have to get my license there.” Matt (an alias used for this story) is an undocumented immigrant who lived in the U.S. for about 20 years....

SAFE Act is unsafe for undocumented immigrants

SAFE Act is unsafe for undocumented immigrants

Calvin Ratana

September 4, 2013

In a push for immigration reform, the GOP gave their latest conservative piecemeal: the Strengthen and Fortify Enforcement (SAFE) Act. Proposed by U.S. Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.), the SAFE Act aims to fix the immigration system in America “step-by-step and increment-by-increment” according to Gowdy. In short, the SAFE Act, if passed, will automatically m...

LGBTQ individuals discuss their experiences with immigration law

Jason Gallaher

April 15, 2013

Multiple CSUN departments came together Monday night to host the “I Am Also Undocumented” presentation, a discussion on the ways in which Asian Pacific Islander and LGBTQ communities are affected by immigration law. Dr. Martha Escobar, a professor of Chicana/o studies, said the event includes commun...

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