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Apple vs. Samsung, the smartphone battle continues

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Natanya Toomes

September 10, 2014

The battle of the smart phones seems to be an endless feud between suppliers and consumers. As undergraduates it’s important that the right phone is chosen to suit everyday student life.  While many may argue that cost might be the most crucial factors in choosing a phone, Samsung and Appl...

Matador News: The Sundial’s faculty adviser explains the new digital strategy

Matador News: The Sundial's faculty adviser explains the new digital strategy

Gabriela Rodriguez

September 9, 2014

Obama plans to speak to the nation about his ISIS strategy; Janay Rice responds to media coverage of her marriage and her husband's suspension from the NFL, and Apple releases i-Phone 6. Matador News reporter Dayanis Lopez-Reyes talks to Sundial Faculty Advisor Gretchen Macchiarella about the CSUN newspaper's mo...

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