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Campus VOIP phones still unable to make 911 calls

Rohit Ghosh

March 10, 2014

The Campus Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phones were unable to make 911 calls for the second straight day. The problem began when the Department of Police Services notified CSUN students and faculty early Monday afternoon that the campus VOIP phones, which are located on campus, will not process 9...

I.T. warns of potential breaches to prevent monitoring of emails

I.T. warns of potential breaches to prevent monitoring of emails

Melissa Simon

April 1, 2013

CSUN continues to closely monitor incoming emails  in the midst of persistence by hackers who break into servers. After a cheating scandal hit Harvard,  a group of deans were outraged last fall by their emails having been monitored without their knowing. Chris Olsen, senior director of infrastructure s...

CSUN phone troubles hamper communication

Casey Delich

September 26, 2012

CSUN’s IT Department informed students by email Wednesday that phone lines were experiencing troubles intermittently. “We don’t have an exact cause of the problem,” said Charles Nmolian, a student working for IT.  “We are assuming it has something to do with the upgrade earlier this year.” ...

University meets to brainstorm CSUN IT masterplan

Samantha Tata

April 28, 2011

Students expressed a desire for increased technology that incorporates their smart phones and other portable information devices, commenting on the kinds of tools they’d like to see available for students in a forum organized by CSUN’s Information Technology (IT) department. IT has been devel...

Project to help CSUN utilize technological innovations

Kristopher A. Fortin

February 9, 2011

A digital master plan for CSUN that will dictate campus technology for the next three to five years is halfway complete. The campus’ digital master plan, or “IT Vision@2015,” will dictate how the campus wants to use and manage technology and what major technological developments will have the...

Free Anti-Virus through CSUN

Jacky Guerrero

February 9, 2009

I didn't know how long my anti-virus had been expired but I know it had been awhile. Then I remember that CSUN students could get "free" (I use the word "free" freely because technically we pay for it through tuition, although it does come at a low price)  anti-virus through the Information Techono...

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