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Japanese drumming group to perform at CSUN

Jessica Estrada

May 5, 2011

CSUN’s Japanese traditional drumming group Jishin Taiko will hold its fifth annual Spring Concert this Sunday. “Taiko is not something you hear or see, it is something you feel,” said Gisselle Jaen, one of the performing members who is also in charge of the group’s fundraising. The con...

Students dedicate themselves to learning the art of Jishin Taiko in and out of the classroom

Jaclyn Rymer

August 26, 2009

Many interesting sounds can be heard throughout the CSUN campus on any given day. There is the muffled chatter between groups of people sitting outside the Arbor Grill; squirrels obnoxiously wrestling for a scrap of food by the Matador Bookstore; or the chiming of the campus clock each hour. Rarely,...

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