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Kobe Bryant has taken over the Lakers offense, providing them the spark needed to reach the playoffs. Photo courtesy of MCT

“Kobe Day” Celebrated At Los Angeles City Hall

Taylor Clayton August 24, 2016

The Los Angeles Lakers basketball player Kobe Bryant was honored by the Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday with an official ”Kobe Day,” at an event held at the Los Angeles City Hall to celebrate the...

The Los Angeles Lakers and their fans shouldnt rush success. Time will help rebuild the team. Photo courtesy of Tribune News Services.

Patience key in historic Lakers losing streak

Alex Vejar November 5, 2014

The Los Angeles Lakers have a worse record than the Philadelphia 76ers, who lost 26 straight games last season. That’s one of those I-Never-Thought-I’d-Say-That-Out-Loud types of statements. With...

Its time for the Lakers to part ways with Pau Gasol

It’s time for the Lakers to part ways with Pau Gasol

Alex Vejar April 14, 2014

  It’s about time, Pau. For the first time in the last four years, Los Angeles Lakers forward Pau Gasol stood up for himself. He finally stuck it to the Lakers organization, which has...

Getting the Lakers from zeros back to heroes

Getting the Lakers from zeros back to heroes

Alex Vejar March 31, 2014

  The Los Angeles Lakers were once the powerhouse of the NBA. They were in the playoffs year after year, won 16 championships with the help of Hall-of-Fame players, and carried an aura with them...

Column: Is D’Antoni the right head coach for LA?

Ron Rokhy November 13, 2012

Ron says: The Lakers’ stunning announcement -- which had them choose Mike D’Antoni over Phil Jackson as their new head coach after last week’s firing of Mike Brown -- is a good move and...

Column: Winless Lakers shouldnt worry fans

Column: Winless Lakers shouldn’t worry fans

Ammons Smith October 23, 2012

There is no reason to panic about the Lakers' winless preseason, and any negative reaction is an overreaction. Judging a team by its preseason record is naïve because there is no way to know...

Weekly Column: Dwight Howard has many masks, just ask around the NBA

Ron Rokhy September 4, 2012

Ron Says: This offseason’s blockbuster trade among the Lakers, Sixers, Nuggets and Magic not only neutralized the point of last season’s lockout to spread out talent in the league, but also created...

The Lakers’ Pau Gasol blocks a shot by the Los Angeles Clippers’ Reggie Evans (30) in the second quarter of a Jan. 25 game at the Staples Center. Gasol has been at the center of numerous trade rumors around the NBA. The trade deadline is Thursday. Courtesy of MCT

Weekly Column: Don’t trade Gasol: Time for fans to realize the All-Star power forward’s worth

Ron Rokhy March 13, 2012

This is mostly dedicated to the casual Laker fan bereft of actual basketball knowledge who only watches when the playoffs come around. Plastering everyone’s Facebook news feeds with “Trade Gasol!”...

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