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TEDxCSUN planning to spread new ideas with upcoming event

Lucas pictured on stage presenting for Ted x CSUN

Heather Smith

April 3, 2017

TEDxCSUN is coming back to The Little Theatre on April 29 with "human potential" as the theme. TEDxCSUN is an annual event organized by CSUN students with the help of alumni, professors and faculty. TED is a nonprofit organization which began as a four-day conference 30 years ago in California, with...

Newly discovered planets could sustain life

The observatories located in the orange grove at csun pictured

Heather Smith

February 28, 2017

NASA has discovered seven Earth-size planets orbiting a dwarf star 40 light-years away."It is very likely one or up to three of the presently known seven Earth- size planets around TRAPPIST-1 can sustain life, based on conditions we have here on Earth," said Farisa Morales, a CSUN physics and astronomy...

Sundial Radio Hour, Sept. 28

Dark narrow streaks called recurring slope lineae emanate out of the walls of Garni crater on Mars. Photograph: Nasa/AFP/Getty Images

Daniel Shin

September 28, 2015

The Sundial Radio Hour - news summaries for the day, today. Here are the headlines for September 28, 2015: - President Obama and Vladimir Putin hold first meeting in two years at UN. - NASA discovers traces of flowing salt water. - Fast & Furious star Vin Diesel says franchise will finish with...

What Happens When Earth Can’t Sustain Us Anymore?

Christiaan Patterson

March 25, 2011

This planet won’t be able to sustain our exploding population and massive consumption of resources forever. We may be under a false sense of ideals that earth is where we will always inhabit but it’s just not practical. So, what’s after earth?  The March 2011 edition of Popular Science took readers into a look at the likely possibility of removing humans from earth and living in space. It addresse...

2012 Predictions Are Not To Be Taken Seriously

Christiaan Patterson

February 26, 2011

I find it rather fascinating how people feed off negativity or chaos. We say we want peace yet if and when it occurs, we really don’t know what to do. 2012 is vastly approaching and Hollywood produced a movie in response to a few hyped up hoaxes. Do any of us remember Y2K? The computers and stock...

NASA Discovers Recent Solar Flare Largest in Sun Cycle

Christiaan Patterson

February 18, 2011

Love wasn’t the only thing sparking heat on Valentine’s Day. According to NASA, the sun released the largest solar flare in four years! X-Class came from the sunspot 1158 on the surface and is expected to reach earth by mid week. Solar flares occur when magnetic energy in the sun’s atmosphere build up and explodes,...

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