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Lucas pictured on stage presenting for Ted x CSUN

TEDxCSUN planning to spread new ideas with upcoming event

TEDxCSUN to host events with students, faculty and alumni
The observatories located in the orange grove at csun pictured

Newly discovered planets could sustain life

The discovery of several Earth-sized planets opens the door for the possibility of alien life.

Sundial Radio Hour, Sept. 28

A cold meeting between Obama and Putin, NASA finds evidence of salt water, Vin Diesel lays down finale trilogy for "Fast & Furious" and more.

What Happens When Earth Can’t Sustain Us Anymore?

This planet won’t be able to sustain our exploding population and massive consumption of resources forever. We may be under a false sense of...

2012 Predictions Are Not To Be Taken Seriously

I find it rather fascinating how people feed off negativity or chaos. We say we want peace yet if and when it occurs, we...

NASA Discovers Recent Solar Flare Largest in Sun Cycle

Love wasn’t the only thing sparking heat on Valentine’s Day. According to NASA, the sun released the largest solar flare in four years! X-Class...
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