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photographs of tv shows

Netflix originals to binge

Unsure what to watch next? Here are four shows to binge between classes.

Copycat mentality cause reboots in film and television industry to rise

As the trend of reviving old television continues to dominate the market, many wonder is there any room left for creativity?

What’s your interpretation?

CSUN students tell it how they see it

New show ‘Narcos’ depicts Pablo Escobar’s infamous history

Students react to Netflix's portrayal of the brutal drug lord.

Netflix: July arrivals

Netflix restocks for the month of July with around 50 movies and shows.

Netflix: Films and shows headed on a permanent summer vacation

The top five films to watch and the top five films to avoid before Netflix removes them for good on Wednesday, July 1.

Marvel shows its dark side with ‘Daredevil’

The Netflix original is a first for Marvel, but is it any good?

Streaming services bring favorite shows to multiple screens

Which one is the best for you?

Bloodline Season 1: Return of the Black Sheep

An overview of Netflix-only new binge-worthy series

Netflix’s March Madness

Picks to watch on Netflix this March

Geek Clash talks Netflix, Star Wars and more!

This week on Geek Clash the trio talks about their random recommendations for just about everything. Lita and Josh tell Trevor what he needs...

Discussions of horror, Netflix and The New 52 Future’s End take...

This week on Geek Clash, the trio touches on the climate of horror "things." Lita dives into her comic book recommendations with The New...
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