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We want to know: Parking citation survey

Brooke Holland April 28, 2016

A lawsuit was placed by The State University Police Association on behalf of three CSUN officers, alleging they were disciplined for not meeting parking ticket quotas.  The California State University...

Police motorcycle parked in front of officers

CSUN police officers sue campus police department

Brooke Holland April 25, 2016

Three CSUN officers and their union have filed a lawsuit against the California State University Board of Trustees and CSUN Department of Police Services. The officers allege they were disciplined for...

Caution tape blocks off the third floor staircase in the  B3 parking structure on Monday.

Mysterious piles have been discovered, staircase mistaken as toilet

Brooke Holland February 25, 2016

Traffic jams aren’t the only pile up in the CSUN B3 parking structure anymore. If you take the staircase — watch your step. An unpleasant smell and yellow caution tape have recently blocked the...

Students wait in a line to exit CSUNs G3 parking structure. (Christianna Triolo / File Photo)

Parking congestion to continue unless another structure is built

Contributor December 7, 2015

CSUN students face a frustrating problem in their everyday commute to class –parking. This problem doesn’t affect the entire student population, but it does affect the majority. Approximately...

Sundial Editor Jonathan Diaz discusses parking problems

Sundial Editor Jonathan Diaz discusses parking problems

Gabriela Rodriguez October 2, 2014

http://youtu.be/iFKuYEgJiQU?t=5s Demonstrations continue in Hong Kong, and health officials in Dallas plan for the possibility of more ebola cases. Matador News reporter Angela Hoffman talks to Daily...

Parking problems continue to plague students on and off campus

Manny D. Araujo October 1, 2014

Despite innovative attempts by Associated Students (AS) to assist students in finding parking in and around campus, those who drive to CSUN must still rely on mostly conventional methods. Among one...

Students experience parking problems in first week of the semester

Students experience parking problems in first week of the semester

Silvia Gutierrez August 25, 2014

  Students are forced to deal with congestion when it comes to parking on the CSUN campus during the first week of the semester.

Photo by David J. Hawkins/Photo Editor
Photo Illustration by Andrea Alexanian

Zipcars: Will they help CSUN students?

Crystal Chwierut February 18, 2014

Frustrated again at the major traffic that hits CSUN every day? Tired of having to take 10-20 minutes to get out of the B3 parking lot? Need to go somewhere but you don’t want to lose your parking...

CSUN parking lots filled to capacity, PD recommends parking in F10

CSUN parking lots filled to capacity, PD recommends parking in F10

Vera Castaneda August 26, 2013

Despite additional traffic enforcement officers, parking at CSUN remains a hassle for students. Elisabeth Damavandia, a CSUN student who lives seven miles away from campus, knows she has to set aside...

CSUN students go the distance to avoid paying for parking

Stefanie De Leon Tzic February 7, 2012

CSUN students are parking as far as three blocks away from campus to avoid purchasing parking permits and save money. Jorge Moraga, 23, a CSUN student double majoring in history and Central American...

G-3 parking structure closed today for special VPAC performance

Adria Brodie November 1, 2010

Levels three through five of the G-3 parking structure located off of Zelzah Street will be closed to CSUN students today for a Valley Performance Arts Center (VPAC) event. Pamela Bock, director...

New lower cost parking permits available with restrictions

Anna Osipova January 19, 2010

A new lower cost option for parking permits is available for students and faculty who do not mind the longer walk from parking lots F10 and G10 for $55 less than the unrestricted semester parking pass. “The...

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