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A How to on Voting

Cristina Pimentel October 15, 2016

With this year’s presidential election nearing, one of the frequently asked questions is, “Who are you voting for?” It seems that candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are inevitable. However,...

Students hit the polls for the Gubernatorial race

Students hit the polls for the Gubernatorial race

Mandi Gosling November 3, 2010

Pot and pollution were the issues that brought a record number of CSUN students to the polls Tuesday. Susan Levin, poll inspector at the Satellite Student Union (SSU), said nearly 600 voters turned...

Students urge to vote in Tuesday’s election

Aimee Lastrella November 1, 2010

Students are still encouraged to vote despite Mayor Gavin Newsom’s rally cancellation Monday. Nareg Babaians, the vice president-elect of the Young Democrats Club, said they had to turn away supporters...

Research conducted by CSUN professor shows voters are influenced by ballot location

Rima Bek October 25, 2010

A study shows that polling stations, where citizens are assigned to go vote during election season, are not as neutral as the public believes them to be. CSUN professor Dr. Abraham Rutchick, who conducted...

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