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What Happens When Earth Can’t Sustain Us Anymore?

Christiaan Patterson

March 25, 2011

This planet won’t be able to sustain our exploding population and massive consumption of resources forever. We may be under a false sense of ideals that earth is where we will always inhabit but it’s just not practical. So, what’s after earth?  The March 2011 edition of Popular Science took readers into a look at the likely possibility of removing humans from earth and living in space. It addresse...

Latest Innovations Will Use Body Heat For Heating

Christiaan Patterson

March 12, 2011

Wickedly creative ideas and inventions are spurring up all over the globe as everyone attempts to “go green” and become environmentally friendly. Architects have designed a floating museum, car companies built a 200 mpg aerocycle and buildings are being constructed to create their own energy using...

Technological Artwork Seeks To Objectively Capture Everyday Life

Christiaan Patterson

March 8, 2011

Art work takes many different forms: painting, drawing, sculpting, dance, theater, etc. Even computer graphics can claim the title if used in web design. Photography is another traditional art form established over the past 100 years or so which offers an image captured by what the eye sees. But what...

An Unmanned Future: Where Do Humans Fit In?

Christiaan Patterson

January 28, 2011

Some of us at one point have comprehended the notion of artificial intelligence being in absolute control over the military, stock market or basically everything. The time has come to start filtering those imaginative ideals into reality since the near future looks to translate Hollywood movies into...

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