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NFL players’ misconduct caused by violent culture of football

The NFL should have done more against players' violent misconduct due to the violent nature of football. Photo illustration courtesy of MCT.

Shaka Dixon

September 25, 2014

Football’s violent culture Junior varsity football is an eye-opening experience. It starts the during the fading weeks of the summer  as a one or two week training camp premised on the purported character building qualities of violence and depravity. In it you learn the 5 or 10-year-old pads assigned to you protec...

Roger Goodell and the NFL Players’ personal conduct

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has received much criticism for his handling of NFL players' personal conduct, but he should not resign. Photo courtesy of MCT.

Pete D. Camarillo

September 23, 2014

  $44.2 million is what NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell reportedly earned in the 2013 fiscal year. What is certainly a large amount for a person who does not even play a down of football, Goodell has been earning his salary with the amount of headlines the NFL has captured recently. Jos...

Sundial captures reaction for on-going Ray Rice saga: Storify

Andrew Lim

September 12, 2014

Ray Rice captured headlines this week by being released from the Baltimore Ravens. While his career remains in jeopardy after the tape of him hitting his wife was released, questions also remain about whether or not the NFL new about the tape of Rice hitting his then fiance in the face when they issued...

Matador News: CSUN students react to the Ray Rice situation

Matador News: CSUN students react to the Ray Rice situation

Gabriela Rodriguez

September 10, 2014

Secretary of State John Kerry was in Iraq to meet with the new country's prime minister, as President Obama prepares his speech about ISIS; Matador reporter Chantal Adams talked to Journalism Professor David Blumenkrantz about the U.S. reaction to the situation. It's National Suicide Prevention Week, and Matador News reporter R...

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