The Sundial

Blind date etiquette 101

Victoria Hernandez

March 30, 2010

Being set up on a blind date by a family member or close friend can go two ways, 1) the date can go well and you end up in a long term relationship. Or 2) it ends horribly and you vow to your self to never go on a blind date again. It always seems that in my circle of friends I am “the single friend”...

Relationships Happen: Sometimes not everything can be justified, truth about being the other woman

Eileen Mansoorian

October 14, 2009

We all have truths in our past or present we think are better left undisclosed. I’m speaking of those that eat away at our conscience, keep us awake at two in the morning and don’t allow us to be completely honest with the people around us. These truths haunt us because we know if they’re exposed...

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Relationships Happen