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Stone placard surrounded by rusting debris and green foliage

Title IX videos: Not enough safety?

There are other topics that should be included, such as safety tutorials about active shooters and earthquakes, in registration holds.
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CSUN Gun Scare

A Snapchat video showed a gun inside a car on Cal State Northridge's campus. After three hours, police called the video a hoax. Police...
Police stand on armored car

CSUN police confident in security measures for potential shooters

The CSUN Police Department is prepared in case of active shooter

Matador Patrol member explains how he got into the safety service

Peter Sanchez, coordinator for Community Service Assistants and member of the Matador Patrol, gave the Daily Sundial access to a walk along during his...

Food expiration dates create waste in the U.S.

We've all done it: pulled a carton of milk from the fridge and looked at the date stamped on the side. The milk looks...
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