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CSUN’s favorite contraceptives

Picture of a variety of condoms

Samantha Gullikson

November 21, 2016

For many of students who are pursuing a higher education, a baby may not be in the cards. Students are working towards degrees, many of them have jobs on top of going to school, and a lot of college students don’t have the time and resources to dedicate to a child. Because of that, birth control...

Klotz center offers STD testing on campus

Photo of Student Health Center

Daisy Perez

April 15, 2016

Sexually transmitted diseases are passed on during any sexual activity when one person who is infected transfers it to their partner. According to Center for Disease Control and Prevention, individuals from 15 to 24 years old make up over 25 percent of the sexually active. If left untreated, STDs can ...

Professional dominatrix, adult performer share journey as sex workers

Woman stands and tells story while other women listen in

Ashley Grant

March 31, 2016

A panel of current and past female sex workers, along with a CSUN sociology professor, held a discussion about the issues surrounding sex work. Members of the Women’s Research and Resource Center hosted “An Honest Conversation Regarding Sex Work,” Tuesday night at the Thousand Oaks Room ...

Klotz Student Health Center offers contraceptives

Abigaelle Levray

October 13, 2013

During the college years, many women experiment with different sexual partners but many also find themselves in serious monogamous relationships. After finding the right man that is trustworthy and has been tested, it is normal to want to upgrade from condoms to a more permanent kind of birth control...

Not monogamous, but ‘monogamish’

Not monogamous, but 'monogamish'

John Saringo-Rodriguez

October 7, 2013

Some people say that they would become overwhelmed with jealousy if their significant other were to flirt or check out another person. We often hear people argue that if one truly loves someone, then one shouldn’t destroy the sanctity of the relationship by sleeping with other people. But is it ...

The great CSUN sex survey

Daily Sundial

March 26, 2013

Whether you've had sex a hundred times or not at all, you must be curious if your habits are completely out of the norm or about average. This anonymous survey offers us the chance to see CSUN's sex mean. If you don't voice your honest opinion readers may get the wrong impression and leave thinking we're freakier or more p...

U.S. sexual education fails to inform its youth

Mona Adem

October 10, 2012

It’s everywhere. On TV, billboards, phones, Ipods, computers and accessible through any technical device you can think of. We can read about it in newspapers and magazines. We can sometimes even hear it through the walls. Sex. But despite its pervasiveness, we really don’t know much about it...

Two young men challenge traditional ideas about gender and masculinity

Fredy Tlatenchi

May 10, 2012

He doesn’t look gay. In your life have you muttered that statement or at least of thought it? It’s a sentence that relies heavily on old stereotypes produced by our culture. He doesn’t look gay because he doesn’t have a limp wrist, hates musicals and packs on the muscle like it’s going...

Center for Sex and Gender Research draws researchers from around the country

Morgan Marx

July 1, 2010

Among the newspapers and periodicals with titles like “American Aphrodite,” “Screw” and “Fag Rag,” are diaries, photographs and flyers.  These items are rare.  They draw researchers to CSUN’s Oviatt Library from around the country. “There are three places for anyone that’s serious...

Letter to the Editor: Dec. 1, 2009


December 1, 2009

Dear Editor, The ‘Sex and the Nation State’ symposium, held Nov. 10, discussed issues concerning sex/gender and national security. The keynote speaker was an official from the Central Intelligence Agency, an indication that the methods and activities of government intelligence agencies not be...

Letter from the editor

Jacky Guerrero

October 12, 2009

As journalists, we are constantly searching for stories that have never been told and strive to cover our community as best as possible. And often times, we take on topics that are known to cause controversy, in order to bring awareness to issues with truth and fairness to all. As such, we look to...

Oral sex article ignores bigger picture

Bridget Johnson

October 12, 2009

Last month, the “Blow job” article squirmed its way into the Daily Sundial, grabbing the attention of students and faculty all around CSUN campus. The negative reactions that have spiraled out from this may have to do with the article’s lack of clear intentions, important statistics and useful...

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