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CSUN soccer player takes the ball from Fullerton player

2016 CSUN Men and Women’s Soccer Preview

The Matadors look to continue last seasons success.

Late goal propels CSUN to 1-0 victory over UC Riverside

Another strong defensive outing has CSUN tied for second in the division

From the Pitch with Cynthia Sanchez

CSUN Women's Soccer Forward Cynthia Sanchez talks about

Stoppage Time Double-Decking Season Finale

It's the end of the semester and that means the end of Stoppage Time...for now...? Hosts Vincent, Dezz and Leo bring you the final...

Stoppage Time Episode 12: Champions League Roundup

What's that? Another episode of Stoppage Time this week? And guess who's back?! Leo, that's who! The trio is back with another belated episode...

Stoppage Time Episode 11 w/Special Guest Shane Steffes

This week, on this belated episode of Stoppage Time, Vince and Dezz welcome CSUN Men's Soccer Midfielder, Shane Steffes, to the show and then...

Stoppage Time Episode 9: Dazed & Dezz-less

Dezz is missing yet again but Vince and Leo manage to wrangle this week's guest, Andrew, into talking about soccer stuff. What's the stuff,...

Stoppage Time Episode 6: Raw and Unedited

@ReporterVince, @BetterCaIISauI, @KobeInThe4th This week, on the greatest soccer podcast (produced by the Sundial) known to humankind in the history of all things, Vince, Dezz...

Stoppage Time Episode 5: Ronaldo Praise, MLS and CL Roundup

This week, on the greatest soccer podcast in (the Sundial's) history, Vince and Dezz are joined by guest Bijan Alihaji (because Leo was otherwise...

Stoppage Time Episode 4: Major League Soccer

This week, on the best soccer-related podcast (produced by the Sundial) in all possible alternate universes, Vince, Dezz and Leo talk the CapitalOne Cup,...

Stoppage Time Ep. 3: Europa League Highlights

This week, on a very special episode of the best soccer podcast (produced by the Sundial) in the universe, Vince, Dezz and Leo talk...

Prepare for drum solos, the Champions League is back

Some tasty matches start up as the knockout stages begin
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