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Staff editorial: The internet, is it a privilege or human right?

Daily Sundial March 26, 2014

There’s no denying that in this day and age, technology has taken over a considerable portion of our lives. Aside from cellphones, the most prominent technology to have hit our generation is the Internet....

Staff Editorial: Turbulent history leads to comment policy change

Staff Editorial: Turbulent history leads to comment policy change

Daily Sundial January 21, 2013

Readers will now only be able to make online comments on articles that state an opinion; which will include all articles written in the opinion page (including this one), reviews made in the Arts &...

Red, Blue or rainbow, political differences are not an excuse for squabbling or rude behavior

Daily Sundial November 8, 2012

This year’s presidential election revealed that today, our country is evenly split between red and blue. Although President Barack Obama took the electoral college votes by a landslide, the popular...

Staff Editorial: The consequences of expression in the digital age

Daily Sundial September 12, 2012

Our generation has grown up on the World Wide Web, where any post on our Facebook page, blogs and personal websites can be swiftly deleted with a click. While this is a perfectly normal practice when managing...

Staff Editorial: Why getting to know your fellow classmates is an important part of the CSUN experience

Administrator September 25, 2009

Some of us attend college so that we can have an increased shot at landing a job. Some attend to prolong their athletic careers, and some attend to get away from home and experience their first taste of...

Staff Editorial: Education after graduation

Administrator May 14, 2009

Graduation may signify the culmination of a student’s academic career, but learning does not end with a diploma or cap and gown. Education becomes a choice. Learning moves out of the classroom into...

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