The Sundial

Parents juggle CSUN student life and family

Two mothers pushing their children in strollers on CSUN campus.

Danielle Parmentier

October 5, 2015

Shower, get dressed, start breakfast, then wake up two-year-old Isabella to get her fed, dressed and ready to go to day care only after organizing schoolbooks and homework assignments for the day.This is only part of the weekly routine in social welfare major Kelly Amaya’s morning that begins at...

No time is better than now

Michelle Verne

March 15, 2010

Student-parents at CSUN, Reminiscing about the past and when I graduated from high school, I sometimes regret not making the decision to go straight to college.  Economically, times weren’t as tough as they are now but I still wouldn’t have been able to afford school and the responsibility of...

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