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Student’s hobbies express spirituality


November 17, 2010

Where many may see a dualism, one student sees a deep connectivity between body and spirit. Mike Bunch, a 23-year-old senior anthropology major, runs, rock climbs, shoots, practices martial arts and does body art to enhance and express his inner spirituality. “I’ve had some of my best ideas...

Aspiring cinematographer practices passion through photography


November 15, 2010

Most people have something they are passionate about. Some  tend to let their passions vanish as they grow older, and begin to face the world at hand. Dominick Aznavour, Dom to his friends, is not one of those people. He has had a hold of his life’s passion for some time, and has no plans on letting i...

Professor gets the opportunity to participate in rare excavation


November 8, 2010

Suspended from a rope, anthropologists descend into a remote underwater Romanian cave to excavate 35,000 year-old bones of Neandertal. What they find results in a significant contribution to early modern human discoveries in Europe. CSUN paleoanthropologist Dr. Hélène Rougier was one of the select particip...

Professor incorporates hands-on learning into curriculum


November 5, 2010

After visiting many countries and always having a passion for geography, CSUN Professor Gregory Schwartz, at California State University, Northridge said he feels strongly that we need to be benevolent individuals in order to save our planet. Three years ago, Schwartz started teaching geography to CSUN st...

Aspiring producer has interest in magic and tae kwon do

Britten Fay

November 2, 2010

As a public access television host, radio DJ and world-traveling magician’s assistant, Tyler Wiest has spent his fair share of time in the limelight, but the 22-year-old cinema and television arts major really wants to be the man behind the curtain. “I’ve basically tried everything in entert...

Student makes commute from San Diego to Northridge

Megan Magers

November 1, 2010

California State University, Northridge has been recognized as a “commuter school” for years. Most of us drag ourselves into our vehicles, onto the bus or, if we are lucky, onto a bike just to pedal down the street. However, 23-year-old Brandy Dodd drives to and from San Diego to Northridge three tim...

Student doesn’t allow injuries stand in way of soccer dreams


October 31, 2010

As an undecided freshman at CSUN, Kian Chachi is a sports enthusiast who just loves to play soccer. “I’ve been playing the game since I was three years old,” Chachi said. Since middle school, Kian, 17, has been playing on Premier and Gold teams of the Coast Soccer League. “I generally play...

Family tragedy forced student to grow up


October 25, 2010

Everyone makes attempts at being a better person. Typically, many wait for a new year or a near death experience to declare the ever so predictable, “I vow to…..” or the world renowned “ from here on out...” speech, to mark the beginning of a self proclaimed resolution. For 28-year-old ...

Losing virginity changed course of life

Anna Osipova

October 20, 2010

Michael D’Amico, 22, just closed escrow on a condo in Simi Valley at the beginning of the year. It’s not a big apartment, but with some work, it’ll be home. In the bedroom, D’Amico is proud of the light he bought for the bedside table. It’s geometric and the colors suit the room, but t...

Music serves as the bridge to grad school

Krista Daly

October 18, 2010

Twenty-three year old Weili Kang is no stranger to music. She started playing her first instrument, the piano, at 5-years- old, later picking up the piccolo and the flute, and then later learning the recorder. “I love the piano because they have interesting accompanies on the left hand,” Kang said.  “The reason I like flute is because flute is a melodic inst...

Honor student and advocate for the LGBT community overcomes personal struggles


October 18, 2010

Imagine just wrapping up an eight-hour school day just before 5 p.m., and the sun is beginning to set. You only have 15 minutes to ride your bicycle to work, five miles away, where you will be making smoothies at the local Jamba Juice until closing. Repeat this cycle, mix in attending various clu...

Writing across the emotional spectrum


October 13, 2010

When people think of the word “swag,” most tend to think of the colloquial term that some online urban dictionary’s define as “the way one carries their self” or the “style that he or she presents themselves [with]”. But when you ask Senior Jessica Samiere what swag is, she define...

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