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CSUN analyzes female fan experience: Feature

Female fans show their support at a Men's Basketball game against Montana State, Nov. 19.

Samantha Petersen

December 2, 2014

Updated CSUN Survey (Men's Soccer Version) Female attendees at a CSUN men’s soccer game in November were greeted with a two-page survey regarding their experience as sports spectators on campus. The surveys are being used as research tools in the recent partnership between CSUN and two University of Central Florida (UCF) p...

The great CSUN sex survey

Daily Sundial

March 26, 2013

Whether you've had sex a hundred times or not at all, you must be curious if your habits are completely out of the norm or about average. This anonymous survey offers us the chance to see CSUN's sex mean. If you don't voice your honest opinion readers may get the wrong impression and leave thinking we're freakier or more p...

Rank San Fernando Valley neighborhoods

Daily Sundial

March 26, 2013

Everyone has assumptions about what it means to be from the San Fernando Valley. What do you think of when you hear someone is from Van Nuys or Chatsworth? Would you rather walk around at night in Pacoima or Woodland Hills? What isn't as well maintained, Winnetka or Sherman Oaks? Rank neighborhoods...

Transportation survey to include comprehensive campus sample, students, faculty, staff asked how they commute to CSUN campus

Michelle Verne

April 21, 2010

Using different methods of transportation offers a way for students to help reduce the impact greenhouse gas emissions, pollution and congestion have on our environment as well as the cost and space given for parking structures. Geography professor Helen Cox, Ph.D., said a survey of 700 students done...

Debt. Whose fault is it?

Jacky Guerrero

December 10, 2008

As a college student I know that the money I earn combined with the little money I get back from financial aid is barely enough to support my lifestyle, which by the way is not grand. After a few very bad experiences with over drafting, credit card payments, and loans, I feel that I have learned my lesson...

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