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Apple’s upgraded policy, products

Laine Wherritt September 15, 2015

Apple unveiled the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, along with new payment plans, and the iPad Pro earlier this month. The tech giants announced a new payment plan that will allow customers an affordable way...

Zivix software engineer Jason Nelson plays a round of Guitar Hero on a Zivix Headliner digital guitar, March 1, 2009, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Glen Stubbe/Minneapolis Star Tribune/MCT)

Tech Tuesday: Return of Guitar Hero

Wahid Lodin April 28, 2015

After five year of being absent from the video game world, the publisher of the critically-acclaimed music game, "Guitar Hero", announced it will be bringing back the hit guitar game. The new entry in...

Tech Tuesday: environmental friendly gadgets

Tech Tuesday: environmental friendly gadgets

Wahid Lodin April 21, 2015

Over the past few decades the use of high-powered gadgets has shifted to low-powered, energy-efficient devices aimed more towards helping the environment. Today, the "Eco-friendly" fad is becoming the...

Tech Tuesday: Cool gadgets for students on a budget

Tech Tuesday: Cool gadgets for students on a budget

Wahid Lodin April 14, 2015

Wahid Lodin / Contributor As technological capabilities of company's start to expand, the costs of making tech can become cheaper. Five years ago, nobody would've known a touchscreen computer would...

Tech Tuesday: Rest in peace, Internet Explorer

Tech Tuesday: Rest in peace, Internet Explorer

Wahid Lodin March 24, 2015

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o124I_byEnI Wahid Lodin / Contributor After years of joking about the death of the not-so-legendary Internet Explorer, the moment has finally come. Microsoft announced...

Tech Tuesday- The Galaxy S6

Tech Tuesday- The Galaxy S6

Wahid Lodin March 17, 2015

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnYtWWDor2s Wahid Lodin / Contributor   @CultureClashSUN The new Samsung Galaxy S6 is here after a long wait from Android fans. The reveal has received both...

HBO set to launch streaming service on Apple TV

HBO set to launch streaming service on Apple TV

Wahid Lodin March 10, 2015

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQEhY_MJk9M Wahid Lodin / Contributor HBO announces its new standalone streaming service, HBO Now, which will be available next month. Here is what HBO has revealed...

Tech Tuesday: Sunset Overdrive Overview

Tech Tuesday: Sunset Overdrive Overview

Wahid Lodin March 3, 2015

  The Premise Sunset Overdrive provides a unique and refreshing take on the “zombiecalypse” genre. This grind-and-shoot game doesn’t take itself too seriously; in fact, it doesn’t do...

An old Nintendo 65 video game was used by some of the Seward Montessori School students during Brock Dubbels class that uses video games as a learning tool, May 11, 2009, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Bruce Bisping/Minneapolis Star Tribune/MCT)

Tech Tuesday: Removing ratings for video games

Wahid Lodin February 24, 2015

The new generation of consoles shed light upon an often-overlooked aspect of the video game industry, review scores. Many hardcore and casual gamers look towards a game’s scores to determine whether...

(Bay Area News Group/MCT)

Tech Tuesday: Don’t waste money buying a new laptop, upgrade your old one

Wahid Lodin February 17, 2015

As laptops grow older they become slower, this isn’t news to anyone. However, most people don’t know it is always cheaper to upgrade your old laptop instead of buying a new one. Upgrading your five-year-old...

The Sling Media Sling Box lets you watch your TV from any broadband-connected, Windows XP computer - your laptop in Lichtenstein or your desktop in Dallas. (Handout/MCT)

Tech Tuesday: Sling TV against other streaming devices

Wahid Lodin February 10, 2015

In the last decade, TV watchers witnessed the changing landscape to a digital era. Streaming services such as Netflix became a game changer and ushered in a new form of TV and movie entertainment. Cord...

Tech Tuesday: Amazon Fire Phone, all hype but no fire

Tech Tuesday: Amazon Fire Phone, all hype but no fire

Wahid Lodin February 3, 2015

  Last June, Amazon revealed its new smartphone, the Amazon Fire Phone. The business giant promised a revolutionary phone with new features never seen before. Six months later the Fire Phone...

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