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Google guest speaker introduces new cloud platform to CSUN students

man in white t shirt speaks to a class

Jacob Pascua

April 3, 2018

Josh Gwyther, the west coast’s Head of Customer Engineering for Google Cloud, spoke to students about their developing database platform.   Gwyther has worked for Google over two years, approaching clients to run applications on the platform. According to Gwyther, Google Cloud is a data...

The rise of a visual-based language

Illustration shows a texting conversation entirely using emojis

Anthony Martinez

February 21, 2017

In a digital age with more technology-based communication, one language has been adapted to suit the modern world’s ever-changing means of relaying information. This language does not contain any letters to form words, but consists solely of symbols called emoji. Through emoji, people are able to ...

Students learn from innovative minds in the 4th Annual Art of Innovation Conference

Business students shown speaking with panelist

Han Byol Yi

October 17, 2016

What seemed like professors ready to give a lecture, was actually a group of innovative minds from tech companies who wanted to share stories of their success and past failure, at the 4th Annual Art of Innovation Conference on Friday. “I have this awesome app idea. I came here to learn what to do...

Tech Tuesday: Return of Guitar Hero

Zivix software engineer Jason Nelson plays a round of Guitar Hero on a Zivix Headliner digital guitar, March 1, 2009, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Glen Stubbe/Minneapolis Star Tribune/MCT)

Wahid Lodin

April 28, 2015

After five year of being absent from the video game world, the publisher of the critically-acclaimed music game, "Guitar Hero", announced it will be bringing back the hit guitar game. The new entry in the series is called "Guitar Hero Live". However, even with the announcement, Activision Blizzard In...

Self-taught CSUN student offering free course

Photo credit: Raul Martinez

Keila Vizcarra

April 25, 2015

Follow @KeilaViz_ // Junior Ibram Uppal’s hard work paid off when an online course he created attracted over 1,000 and counting. His course, The Comprehensive Guide to Swift, teaches users with little or no coding experience to learn Swift, Apple’s new programming language that is used to create iOS and OS X applications. This programming language is essential for the development of iPhone, iPa...

Streaming services bring favorite shows to multiple screens

Streaming services bring favorite shows to multiple screens

Lauren Rife

April 23, 2015

Lauren Rife / Staff Writer Follow @lauren_rife Between Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu Plus, it may be hard to figure out which streaming service is worth the money. Each service offers something a little bit different and choosing a service depends on a few factors. Many students can't affor...

Cyber security: A growing industry in internet age

Daniel Dell-Cornejo

April 3, 2015

Members of CSUN’s Alumni Association convened on Thursday evening in the USU’s Grand Salon for a panel on cyber security, information systems and policy-making with regards to technology. The discussion was headed by four alumni, all of whom have gone on to pursue careers in cyber securi...

Stereotypes portrayed in apps

Stereotypes portrayed in apps

Adriana Celis

March 4, 2015

Owning a smartphone isn’t all that it's cracked up to be. While it has become the must-have piece of technology, we can do without some of the smaller parts that make it so desirable: apps. In an age where we are still fighting against stereotypes, sexism and racism, even apps are betraying the c...

LACI@CSUN teaches students how to protect business ideas with its CEO speaker series

Lauren Rife

February 21, 2015

Intellectual property attorney, Jeff Joyner informed CSUN students, faculty and alumni about legally protecting their business ideas Thursday at the USU for LACI@CSUN.This talk is apart of the "CEO speaker series," presented by LACI@CSUN, which is designed to help start-up businesses at CSUN.Joyner said that legall...

Tech Tuesday: Don’t waste money buying a new laptop, upgrade your old one

(Bay Area News Group/MCT)

Wahid Lodin

February 17, 2015

As laptops grow older they become slower, this isn’t news to anyone. However, most people don’t know it is always cheaper to upgrade your old laptop instead of buying a new one. Upgrading your five-year-old laptop can be easy and a lot more cost efficient than buying a brand new $1000 laptop. Add mo...

Tech Tuesday: Sling TV against other streaming devices

The Sling Media Sling Box lets you watch your TV from any broadband-connected, Windows XP computer - your laptop in Lichtenstein or your desktop in Dallas. (Handout/MCT)

Wahid Lodin

February 10, 2015

In the last decade, TV watchers witnessed the changing landscape to a digital era. Streaming services such as Netflix became a game changer and ushered in a new form of TV and movie entertainment. Cord cutting took effect and the fall of cable began. One would think that today’s streaming services...

Tech Tuesday: How Microsoft’s Windows 10 Competes with Apple

Photo Credit: (Microsoft/ MCT)

Wahid Lodin

January 27, 2015

    Microsoft put on its sparring gloves at its press event, Wednesday. The tech company revealed its newest software, Windows 10. The event proved to be most impressive is two aspects: Cortana and software upgrade. Cortana is a Siri-like assistant for Windows 10 devices. How does Windows 10 square up against ...

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