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5th Annual Art of Innovation Conference

Learn what lies ahead. Technology and entrepreneurship are changing everything – from how we shop, to how we get around, how we age, how we're...
man in white t shirt speaks to a class

Google guest speaker introduces new cloud platform to CSUN students

Google representative speaks about Google Cloud to CSUN students at an event put on by MISA

E-Week: Tech Fest

Polish up your resume and meet with your potential employers!
Illustration shows a texting conversation entirely using emojis

The rise of a visual-based language

As time goes on, communication patterns change. The visual-based emoji is taking over text-based communication.
Business students shown speaking with panelist

Students learn from innovative minds in the 4th Annual Art of...

Students reassured that failure can lead to success

Tech Tuesday: Return of Guitar Hero

Is "Guitar Hero" making a comeback?

Self-taught CSUN student offering free course

Ibram Uppal is offering a free course for students to learn HTML coding

Streaming services bring favorite shows to multiple screens

Which one is the best for you?

Cyber security: A growing industry in internet age

Members of CSUN’s Alumni Association convened on Thursday evening in the USU’s Grand Salon for a panel on cyber security, information systems and policy-making...

Stereotypes portrayed in apps

A list of apps that promote racial stereotypes through interactive games.

LACI@CSUN teaches students how to protect business ideas with its CEO...

Intellectual property attorney, Jeff Joyner informed CSUN students, faculty and alumni about legally protecting their business ideas Thursday at the USU for LACI@CSUN.This talk...

Tech Tuesday: Don’t waste money buying a new laptop, upgrade your...

Instead of constantly updating, why not upgrade?
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