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Hillel Center brings diverse students together to garden

Pablo Belloso Chavez

April 22, 2010

Just outside the front walls and lining the outer windows of CSUN’s Hillel Center on Plummer Street, there is a small, unobtrusive garden, which demonstrates student’s efforts towards environmentalism. The Hillel Center, or the Hillel Foundation for Jewish Campus Life, has a mission to inspire Jewish students ...

Fuel cell ‘generates electrical power without pollution’

Stephanie Bermudez

April 21, 2010

Every day on their way to classes or to their cars, students walk by CSUN’s tropical rainforest. Walking by, students see lots of plants, colorful flowers and eight different towers with pictures of rainforest animals on them. CSUN’s tropical rainforest is equipped with a fuel satellite plant and eigh...

CSUN aware of compost benefits, possibility for future

Wendy Peters

April 21, 2010

CSUN’s part in recycling aluminum cans and paper products today is commonplace and composting is not too far behind, as we see the benefits of turning once living things into fertilizer useful in enriching garden soil and houseplants. CSUN Director of Publications Randy Thomson’s colleagues hail him as having a “passion” for composting. Composting “contributes less to landfill...

Transportation survey to include comprehensive campus sample, students, faculty, staff asked how they commute to CSUN campus

Michelle Verne

April 21, 2010

Using different methods of transportation offers a way for students to help reduce the impact greenhouse gas emissions, pollution and congestion have on our environment as well as the cost and space given for parking structures. Geography professor Helen Cox, Ph.D., said a survey of 700 students done...

Work continues toward on-campus farmers market, Current economic climate to blame for stalled effort

Susan Murray

April 21, 2010

When Erica Wohldmann moved to California she made the conscious decision to vote with her fork. For the last two years, Wohldmann, an assistant professor of psychology, has dedicated herself to starting a farmers market on campus. “A CSUN farmers market would serve its 30,000 campus community, plus its surrounding community,” Wohldmann said. “I gave up purchasing produce at the regular grocery store and started buying onl...

A.S. Recycling Center to expand and improve facility, Consulting company paid $7,500 to complete feasibility report, plans must be approved before construction

Krista Daly

April 21, 2010

The A.S. Recycling Center is moving forward in implementing its plans of expansion starting with small additions such as more recycling bins around campus. “There is a vigorous but limited recycling effort on campus,” said David Crandall, A.S. general manager. The working conditions of the recycling center staff are not good, Crandall said in reference to the fact that a metal cargo container was turned into the staff’s office. “We realized ...

Students encouraged to become involved in reducing CSUN’s ecological footprint for future generations

Kristin Hirai

April 21, 2010

With the wave of going green becoming increasingly popular, the Institute for Sustainability at CSUN is thriving as it continues to help the environment and inform students of the importance to erase their ecological footprints and help preserve the world for future generations. “The Institute was...

Green design slowly becomes priority in the classroom

Alexandra Brell

April 21, 2010

Color is no longer the first association with the word green. It is now about reducing, reusing and recycling, not just trash, but in every facet of living. Today, greening, or sustainability, marries with every industry and area of study, including interior design. Some CSUN teachers regularly incorporate this into their classroom curriculum but on...

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