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CSU will not increase tuition for 2018-2019 year

Chancellor Timothy White seeks proper state funding for California’s future
Woman wears a graduation cap that says, "special price 2002: 1,248 dollars 2012: 5,970 dollars"

New Assembly Bill will try to stall tuition increase

Sharon Quirk-Silva has introduced the bill to stall tuition increases until the 2019-2020 school year.

Students petition against possible tuition fee increase before public forum

Students for Quality Education started petition Thursday, in hopes to stop future plans of increasing tuition fees

CSU financial model proposes tuition increases for resources

CSU leaders propose new sources for funding that had previously been issued from the state
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Time for a new Free Speech Movement

In the beginning, there was the idea that “power” was with the people. Social change was to be the defiant byproduct created by swaths...

CSU budget proposed, less money given than requested

Governor Jerry Brown proposed an annual budget on Jan. 9 allocating the CSU system an additional $142 million in state funding for the 2014-15...

California budgets $1 billion more to prisons than higher education and...

Imagine a society that spends more money on keeping its prison system alive rather than educating their citizens. Imagine a society where you soon...

Staff editorial: The CSU will vote on three potential additional fees

On Wednesday, the Cal State University board of trustees will vote on a series of resolutions that could raise tuition, including one that would...

Let’s stand up for education together: A California assemblyman’s work to...

By California Assemblyman Bob Blumenfield I was thrilled last week when thousands of students from across California rallied around the State Capitol to speak out...

Invest in your education long-term; No down payment necessary

It’s no secret that the government is attacking the higher education system in California with budget cuts and penalty fees. Last month, students at...

CSU budget coverage

Gov. Brown vetoes budget aimed at cutting more funds from CSU June 25th, 2011 Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed a budget proposal drafted by Democrats in the...
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