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Students urge to vote in Tuesday’s election

Aimee Lastrella

November 1, 2010

Students are still encouraged to vote despite Mayor Gavin Newsom’s rally cancellation Monday. Nareg Babaians, the vice president-elect of the Young Democrats Club, said they had to turn away supporters from the Matador Square and although the cancellation of the Rock the Vote Rally with Mayor Newsom...

CSUN students and professors get ready to vote on Nov. 2

Jackie Holmes

October 31, 2010

Election day is Nov. 2 and for weeks students and the American population have been seeing advertisements for propositions and candidates in every type of media. Political science professor Tom Hogen-Esch said the most important thing is being aware. According to the Census Bureau, citizens in...

Senators Boxer, Feinstein to rally at CSUN

Angela Melero

October 26, 2010

California Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein will make a campaign stop at CSUN Friday afternoon in the USU’s Grand Salon. The event, will be hosted by CSUN’s Young Democrats. Nareg Babaians, vice president–elect of the Young Democrats, said representatives from Boxer’s campaign...

Research conducted by CSUN professor shows voters are influenced by ballot location

Rima Bek

October 25, 2010

A study shows that polling stations, where citizens are assigned to go vote during election season, are not as neutral as the public believes them to be. CSUN professor Dr. Abraham Rutchick, who conducted the study, found that a citizen’s vote can be impacted by where he or she goes to vote. “Our...

With student voter apathy, organizations set up registration booths

Mandi Gosling

October 13, 2010

When supplemental instruction leader Jocelyn Duarte asked her Central American Studies 113A class how many of the students were registered to vote, she was surprised when less than half the class raised their hands. “Almost the whole class was eligible, but have not registered,” Duarte ...

A call to action

Adria Brodie

October 3, 2010

With the governor’s race fast approaching, CSUN students cannot wait for politicians to approach us about issues concerning unemployment, healthcare, increased fees and limited seats in classrooms because our issues may fall by the wayside. We have to be proactive and make politicians aware of s...

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