Why Brett Favre is the greatest quarterback ever

    Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre waves to the crowd after throwing a 32-yard touchdown pass to defeat the San Francisco 49ers, 27-24 at the Metrodome in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Sunday, September 27, 2009. (Brian Peterson/Minneapolis Star Tribune/MCT)
    Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre waves to the crowd after throwing a 32-yard touchdown pass to defeat the San Francisco 49ers, 27-24 at the Metrodome in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Sunday, September 27, 2009. (Brian Peterson/Minneapolis Star Tribune/MCT)

    Minnesota Viking quarterback Brett Favre recently turned 40 years old and is playing better than most of the young quarterbacks in the NFL right now. One has to begin to wonder: Is Brett Favre the greatest quarterback of all time?

    I’m here to say yes, he is! Brett Favre takes 40 minutes to order at a restaurant but, pushing his personal life aside, Favre has to be considered the best quarterback of all time, with all his accomplishments.

    The Vikings are 5-0 because of Favre, and he has already thrown a game-winning touchdown against the San Francisco 49ers. He is showing people that he still has that famous rocket arm. In the first quarter of the NFL season Favre has nine touchdowns. That’s three more than what Tom Brady, Tony Romo and Philip Rivers have.

    However, his skills should be no surprise. He has been proving that he is the best quarterback ever since he was in Green Bay. His stats simply back up how great he is.

    Favre is very consistent; after his rookie season with the Atlanta Falcons he has never thrown less than 3,000 yards. Also Favre is the only one with 274 consecutive starts in any position, and he is the most accurate passer among those with at least 6,000 attempts. His rating is 61.4 percent.

    Not only that, but he has also thrown more touchdowns than any other quarterback. His record is 473 – and counting.

    Some might say he has failed as much as he has succeeded, and that is true. Favre has thrown more interceptions than any other quarterback in history with 312 interceptions. However, if someone does any profession long enough, they will have their good days and bad days.

    This season Favre is doing a good job in not turning the ball over. He has fewer interceptions than Peyton Manning and Ben Roethlisberger, with two.

    Analysts might say that other quarterbacks are better then Favre. For example, people may look at Joe Montana, Terry Bradshaw or Dan Marino for their pick of best players.

    They are all great quarterbacks, but let’s take a close look at these players’ careers. Joe Montana won four Super Bowls and was clutch in big situations. No one can forget his great pass to Dwight Clark in the 1982 NFC Championship game. Montana, being a clutch quarterback, does not equal the best passer ever to play the game.

    If you look at stats, Favre blows Montana away in basically every passing category. Montana never threw for 4,000 yards in a season, something Favre has done five times. Also don’t forget Montana had one of the best wide receivers to ever play the game in Jerry Rice. Favre has played with no- name receivers throughout his career.

    Terry Bradshaw had an all-star team! The defense called itself the “Steel Curtain,” with legendary names such as Joe Greene, L.C. Greenwood, and Jack Ham.

    The offense had Lynn Swann and John Stallworth. Oh, and I almost forgot – their running back was Franco Harris. Any quarterback could have won with this team.

    Bradshaw did lead his team to four Super Bowl titles, but only passed for 300 yards seven times. He just had to manage the game, and let the defense do the rest.

    The only player that comes close to Favre is Dan Marino. He is usually discounted because he never won a Super Bowl. However, that has nothing to do with him being a great quarterback.

    Marino did hold records for most completions, yards and attempts. However, Favre has surpassed all these records.

    Take away Favre’s lone Super Bowl, and just look at the stats. Favre is the most consistent and has broken every important record.

    Favre reminds me of Kobe Bryant. Bryant is not the most likable guy, but he is a great player. People need to forget about Favre’s personal life, and just look at his body of work.

    • Mr.Discreet

      Brett Favre is the greatest NFL QB of all-time hands down!!! My favorite QB…Brett is the reason why I love the NFL! I never watched football or even cared about football until I first saw Favre play football in a Packers uniform! I am not a Packers fan. I’m not a Jets fan. I’m not a Vikings fan. I’m a Brett Favre Fan!

    • Hennessey

      I’m a Pat’s fan. So I still hate Favre for the events of January 26, 1997. But yes, he’s been an unbelievable football player and perhaps the best ever. You would expect me to say Brady is better (and I will), but gd, 260 or whatever starts is simply unbelievable! How is that possible? I love the intangibles a qb can bring to his team, and this stat brings an intangible (toughness) to something measurable. all time leader in everything, including int’s. Like Cy Young, all time K leader and all time BB leader. Don’t like him, but gotta give credit.

      And don’t argue Montana… I watched him. I loved him. But his legend grew more than it should have. Got Rice?

    • Off the jock now

      Favre is the ultimate fail when it comes to QBs. Dan Marino with a ring. No more no less. Far far and away the #1 QB with the MOST interceptions. Brady has three times as much in less than half the time. Sorry, Favre is OK, but definitely not the greatest.

    • Farve played with no names recievers???? Are you kidding me? Hello Sterling Sharpe, Mark Chmura, Antonio Freeman, Donald Driver, Javon Walker, all pro bowl wide recievers. Who here is exactly a “no name” reciever. To be the greatest you have to be great when it counts most and im sorry but Favre has thrown too many interceptions at key points of his career. Montana was clutch when he needed to be and never choked.

      By the way. Im an Elway fan but even I will concede that Montana is the greatest ever. Elway is number 3 higher then Favre cause he did beat Favre in the superbowl in 98.

    • FavreStinks

      This article is ridiculous. Favre is not even a top 10 quarterback. The author uses aggregate stats and not averages, yet as he says below….

      “Some might say he has failed as much as he has succeeded, and that is true. Favre has thrown more interceptions than any other quarterback in history with 312 interceptions. However, if someone does any profession long enough, they will have their good days and bad days.”

      If the writer means what he says here, then why would his TD’s count for anything? By his logic, Favre has played so long, he’s bound to throw a ton of TD’s as well as interceptions.

      Favre is a career 86.4 rated passer. He’s had only 3 (of 18) full seasons above 95. A full one-third of his career, he has thrown at least as many, and often more, INT’s as TD’s. Peyton Manning is a career 95.4 passer and has had 6 (of 11) full seasons above 95 and 3 above 100. He’s also only had 3 (of 11) full seasons below 90. Each has one ring. Manning has won with and without a running game and with and without a great defense.

      As for Joe Montana?? Not even close. 4 rings. Career 92.3 passer and has never even approached throwing as many INT’s as TD’s. He’s had 4 seasons over 100. Favre has had 5 under 80 (yes, in the 70’s).

      I now feel stupid for spending 5 minutes of my life responding to such an idiotic article.

    • The Minnesota Vikings are now 6-0, thanks to Brett Favre. He is such a great quarterback because consistency and his determination to win at all levels. Vikings, Super Bowl champs and undefeated season.

    • sports editor’s girlfriend

      haha.. i agree with Brett B. Patrick you need to shut the “f” up and I gotta agree Brett Favre is one of the greatest quarter backs of all time. though he was stupid for not knowing what he wanted to do, whether he should retire or not… I mean gosh how many times was he goin to make up his mind???? I am a Packer’s fan and am very disappointed that he switched to the enemey… but Brett is still a great quarter back and he did help GB win a superbowl too bad he isn’t here to help us win more but for now until he decides to retire AGAIN… well he can just help the vikings out since they didn’t have a good QB until Favre enetered the picture. and as much as it kills me to say these words… I believe the Men In Purple can make it to superbowl this year with help from Brett and running back Peterson.

    • Sonny Crockett

      The envelope please! And the winner of the “I Don’t Know Much About Football And Really Shouldn’t Run With The Big Dogs” award goes to………PATRICK MASTERSON! Accorded with his win Patrick will receive the best selling book: “How Not To Be A Biased Weinie!” Congrats Pat!

    • Patrick Masterson

      All three of you are so ignorant, it’s not even funny. First, I will address the author of this article. You did not even mention the fact that Brett Favre was addicted to painkillers for most of his career. It’s easy to start that many games when you feel like you’re floating. Also, Green Bay was long considered to have one of the greatest lines ever. Joe Montana AND Steve Young both struggled with their lines and inconsistent defenses (except in some positions). They are far better quarterbacks than he will ever be – even if he played another 40 years. Joe Montana is undefeated in a 4 Super Bowls. He lead countless comebacks. Steve Young would have won more Super Bowls and could have had he not started out his career learning from one of the best of all time and ended it early with Shoddy line play and yet another concussion.

      You’re all fools.

      • Brett Bernacchi

        PM, I know you are in love with your 9ers but don’t spewing your fiction about Favre and the Packers because of it. The Packers offensive line was considered one of the greatest lines ever in the ’60’s when Lombardi coached them. Favre’s been since ’91 and he has lined up with exactly 0 HOF players in his entire career. That may change now that he plays with AP. Also, Favre rehabbed from painkillers more than a decade ago. You remember that right? It was right after he crushed your 9ers in the playoffs in ’95, won his 1st MVP and just before he did it again on in the playoffs in ’96 on the way to winning his 2nd MVP and the Superbowl. I’d like to say things have gotten better for the 49ers since Favre’s early days, but sadly they have not. Favre notched another win against the 9ers a few weeks ago with a throw that the combined arm strength of Joe Montana and Steve Young in their primes could not have produced. Favre is now 12-2 in his career against the 49ers. He owns you….and them.

        • gunny

          amen to that!

        • Stephanie

          “IN THE FAAACCEEEE!!!”

          Way to shut him up. Good thing you got to him before I did; I wouldn’t have been so nice in my rebuttal heh.

      • NJ Rob

        Patrick…your arguments might be more pursuasive if you didn’t call people “ignorant” and “fools”. Especially if your logic is weak in the first place. 1. His addiction to painkillers came because he was hurt so much never missing a game and that never enhanced his play…in fact probably made timing and decisions more difficult, but al least he manned-up and dealt with it and beat it. 2. His O lines at Green Bay were good for a few years, but were never HOF great and in many years his line was woeful. 3. Montana didn’t win those SBs by himself…it’s a bad stat to frame QB greatness, or else I guess Marino sucked. 4. Steve young did what he did, the rest is idle speculation. I appreciate your fierce loyalty to the 9ers, but in this case your blinded by it. IMO Brett is not only the greatest QB of all time…he’s the greatest football player to ever suit up…a linebacker’s body, a lineman’s toughness, a coaches leadership and oh that rocket launcher!

    • Sonny Crockett

      It’s so hard to pick one as the “best,” and I’ve seen em’ all from Baugh to this new kid throwin’ the rock in Miami. With that said, no-one has ever done more with less than Favre. No-one aside from Reggiw\e White will ever go into the Hall Of Fame along side him from his Green Bay era. He never had premium receivers or running backs and never played in a dome. His attempts (9200 or so) to int’s (310 or so) isn’t really that outrageous. Montana Had 159 picks, I believe, but he only threw the ball 5300 times or so. Having a great team and Jerry Rice didn’t hurt him at all either! Plus, Favre is so darned fun to watch. He gets my vote even though it is very hard to rank players from different eras.

      • Rocky

        Favre was addicted to painkillers for a little over a year, went to rehab and has been fine since. That is hardly most of his career. Get the facts straight OK?

    • Don

      I would have to agree. The guy is just plain amazing!

      • Brandon H

        You are so right. He is the best QB ever