CSUN hosts 29th Annual PowWow

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Families, community members, faculty and students gathered on the Chicano/a house lawn for CSUN’s 29th Annual PowWow, hosted by the American Indian Students Association (AISA), on Nov. 24.

Throughout the day, dancers representing various tribes exhibited a variety of dances, such as a fancy shawl dance, accompanied by traditional drumming and songs. In addition to the dancing, vendors sold a variety of goods and crafts including T-shirts, jewelry, and dream catchers. Sue’s Frybread sold Indian tacos and frybreads smothered in honey, powdered sugar and fresh strawberries.

Traditionally held in the Orange Grove, the powwow was moved to the Chicano/a house lawn last year in order to facilitate a larger arena and accommodate more spectators.

Scott Andrews, professor and coordinator of CSUN’s American Indian studies program, described powwows as multi-layered events that are educational, social and cultural.

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