Get to know: Carlos Benavides

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Photo credit: Abigaelle Levray / Daily Sundial

Photo credit: Abigaelle Levray / Daily Sundial

Major: psychology




Food: Bolivian dish called saltenas, similar to empanadas but better

Band: The Beatles

Athlete: Zinedine Zidane

Sports Team: Real Madrid




Hardest part about being a student-athlete: Managing your time to be successful both on and off the field

Greatest Accomplishment: Getting the opportunity to play soccer at a D1 university and study to get my degree at the same time

Hobbies: Soccer or occasionally some bike riding




Best part of my game: I think it’s my technique

Part of my game that needs improvement: Quicker play

Best player I’ve played against: Two center mids when I went to Spain and played against the Barcelona youth team

Player I model my game after: Zidane or Ozil

Pre-game rituals: Listen to music and visualize what I need to do to win

Difference between this year’s men’s soccer team and previous ones: We are more of a family and have great chemistry with one another. There’s also talent at every position whether you start or not and every player is willing to do whatever it takes




Team: Back to back Big West champs and winning the NCAA tournament

Personal: Same as above and hopefully getting a chance to play at next level professionally




Other sports played: Volleyball, gymnastics

When I started playing soccer: My dad wanted me to do some outdoor activities and stay active instead of staying inside and playing video games.

How I stay in shape during off-season: Find a team to train with and run at the hills or bike as often as I can

Person I’d like to meet: Bruce Lee

Life after CSUN: Professional soccer player

Where I imagine myself in 10 years: In a nice house with a family of two kids, maybe as a sports psychologist or something else related to psychology


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