Scenic view of CSUN dorms.

A rape reported on campus

A presentation from CSUN Facilities Department informs senators about hotel building process.

Critics of the War on Terror think pulling troops out of the Middle East should deter religious extremism across the globe.

Recap and photos by Martin Sarabia On its 12th night in Los Angeles, Red Bull Sound Select featured Flume as a headliner for its month-long...

Liam Lipham said he felt like a boy trapped inside a girl's body since he was young
The president of the University of Missouri system, Tim Wolfe, steps down after accusations of no action taking place after numerous counts of racism on campus.

This resignation may be a premature response to an ongoing problem.

94.4 percent of CFA members approved the vote
Reggie Theus coaching the basketball team at CSUN along side with his son, Reggis Theus Jr.

The former NBA player and coach will be in Northridge through 2020

The GOP candidates are back, and has anything changed since we last saw them together?

Supercar Sunday is a car show every Sunday morning from 7 a.m. - 11 a.m. in the Topanga Mall parking lot. The event is...
Abed Rah, speaks to U.S. about funding.

CSUN creatives get a boost from Associated Students
A Dia de los Muertos

Find out what you should know about Dia de los Muertos