Psychology is the number one major at CSUN and it comes as quite a surprise to some.

CSUN will be switching gears this coming Fall, leaving behind three-days-a-week classes and cutting down on the time students spend on campus. Supporters believe 50-minute classes are too short to allow for in-depth teaching and learning.

Engineering and computer science contenders Aditya Singh and Stephen Li split hairs cordially over recycling, school spirit and budget issues.

The article in the Daily Sundial on Feb. 26 about KCSN was very well written and I would like to add my opinion to it.' It is sad to know that the majority of CSUN students have no idea about our radio station and that those who do feel like what is played does not reflect what the students want.

In recent weeks, it has been difficult to get away from stories about Alex Rodriguez testing positive for steroids.' This hasn't helped the already limping reputation of baseball as the number of athletes involved with performance enhancing substances increases.

The Daily Sundial is conducting a reader survey.' The first 25 students to take survey will win free movie passes to Miss March Wednesday Mar.11.

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Edgy provocative storylines with a mix of fun and heartfelt songs made three hours fly by. 'A Chorus Line' made its opening debut on Feb. 28 at College of the Canyon's Performing Arts Center in Santa Clarita.

Tony Kushner's 'The Illusion' follows an old man, Pridamant played by Spencer Downie, on a quest to reconcile the mistakes of his past, namely banishment of his estranged son.

The Matadors baseball team (5-8) had no luck against Nebraska over the weekend as they lost every match of the four-game series against the Cornhuskers.

Visually stunning but psychologically superficial, 'Watchmen' grossly and often humorously exaggerates its action sequences while simultaneously snubbing the philosophical underpinnings that made the graphic novel great.

The women's basketball team got its much-needed win, 70-61 against Pacific, and made it back into the Big West Tournament. CSUN got some help from UC Santa Barbara, which defeated Long Beach State, eliminating it from the postseason and boosting the Matadors into it.

The men's basketball team lost to Pacific, 62-55, Saturday night, but won the Big West Conference championship outright thanks to UC Santa Barbara defeating the 49ers. The Matadors, who are assured of post-Big West Tournament play, were outrebounded 41-25 in the loss.