Remember a time when anything was possible. When you didn't have to think seriously about careers or money '-' only what adventures the day held. Lost in the world of Never Never Land or happily ever after, as children we were free to imagine a different world.

The perception of tattoos is changing as body modification becomes more acceptable to the American standards of the norm. Over the last 20 years, body art has etched its way into American pop culture, foregoing the negative stigmas associated with it.' Tattoos stretch far back in time as there is a lot of evidence that humans used these markings thousands of years ago.

' A narrow flight of stairs through the back entrance of 311 Glendale Blvd. in Los Angeles descended into a basement-like space called the L'KEG (Lipstick Kissed Elbow Glove) Gallery.

In a unanimous vote Associated Students (A.S.) voted to support Assembly Bill 540 (AB 540) students, a move that two years ago would have caused controversy.

Did you know Katrina Thompson's favorite athlete is Chicago Bulls forward Joakim Noah? Learn more about the women's basketball team senior in this piece.

The May 2009 graduating class will gather at the Matador Bookstore today for GRADFEST.

Social networking Web sites have often been seen as a useless tool to occupy one's downtime. Facebook and Myspace, being the current leading social networks, keep users in contact with their friends and family and has been used as a means to broadcast oneself for the world to see.

Social networking Web sites have hit us hard and fast, but one sticks in my mind as a great resource. Yes I said resource and not social network.

For Rachel Serrano, a senior recreation and tourism management major, the choice of going to graduate school wasn't just about increasing her education, but job security. Hers is a concern many graduates currently share.

As the CSUN women's basketball team prepares for their Big West Tournament first round match against UC Davis on Wednesday (12:00 p.m.), the Matadors took a moment to look at their season, analize their chances and get some recognition.

The Cal State Northridge softball team (13-9) split a doubleheader with the Texas Longhorns (17-6) Tuesday afternoon at Matador Diamond. The Matadors got the horns from Texas in game 1 losing 10-1. In game 2, the Matadors got even with help from their ace Debbie Duran, who pitched a complete game, to beat the Longhorns 4-1.

The Matadors have reached the midway point of the season and they sit atop the national polls and holding a share of the conference lead with No. 2 UC Irvine.