Headlines of rising unemployment rates and record low stock prices are saturating the news. The possibility of a recession may not have occurred to most people a year ago.

They call themselves Jerusalem. It has no religious ties whatsoever, but is an afterthought to the original name Jerusalem Cherry. The cherry was dropped and they now stand alone as Jerusalem. Lost yet?

During a Friday roundtable discussion with Los Angeles Mayor in his office downtown office, Antonio Villaraigosa successfully avoided confirming whether or not he'd seek the governor position.

While trying to brush up on my almost non-existent drawing skills, I stopped by the Oviatt Library and picked up a book called 'The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain,' by Betty Edwards. The book itself is a drawing-instruction guide that helps people improve in the craft.

Little did I know at that time, I'd just borrowed a self-help book.

The Cal State Northridge softball team went an impressive 4-1 this past weekend at the Mayfair Invitational in Lakewood. The Matadors (8-7) faced the likes of No. 12 Fresno State and BYU and came on top thanks in big part to some great pitching. Junior Deborah Duran gave the Northridge quality innings and picked up two victories.

The CSUN baseball team completed a three-game sweep of Texas Tech (5-4) after sophomore third baseman Ryan Pineda hit a walk off hit on Sunday afternoon at Matador Diamond.

A CSUN conference about the different views on Iran and Iranian women was held yesterday in the Oviatt Library presentation room in an attempt to make students more aware of the discrimination towards women in Iran.

After several years on the wait list to rent an apartment at College Court Townhomes, a mathematics professor said he still has no idea when he will call the CSUN staff and faculty housing complex home.

The Matadors honored their men's basketball seniors following Saturday's win vs. Long Beach State. The match against the 49ers was CSUN's last home game.

The CSUN Career Center held the Spring 2009 Tech Fest in Plaza Del Sol on Wednesday for engineering students looking for an opportunity to gather information about various companies that spark their interest and to establish contacts for future networks.

While reading CSUN's Daily Sundial, I came across an article written by Sandra Parada, entitled 'Fashion dream girl has a brain' published on January 28, 2009. The title itself took me off guard right away.

California's Employment Development Department (EDD) released data Friday putting the unemployment rate for the state at 10.6 percent for January, an increase from 9.9 percent in December.