CSUN does not track student suicides

bar graph showing rates of Unintentional injuries, suicide, and homicide
Suicide prevention measures are in place but it remains unclear if they are working

Leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin takes a dive

graph showing the value of bitcoin fluctuating from Nov 6 to Feb 12
Bitcoin hit its lowest point on the market on Feb. 6

CSUN may soon offer the abortion pill

circular birth control container
CSUN would be mandated to carry the abortion pill if bill SB320 passes, which would require every UC and CSU to provide access to the abortion pill in their healthcare centers.

Crime Blotter 2/12-2/15

crime blotter logo
Monday, Feb. 12Around 3 pm, an unknown suspect hit a car while it was parked in the B5 parking structure. The suspect left and...

CSUN Police confirm social media post with gun was a “hoax”...

screen shot of a snap chat with a gun on the dash board and Too Short Type of Day written in it
Police have officially sent out a campus alert saying that the video is a "hoax" and that there is no threat to campus.

Third Annual Black Youth Guidance Forum held at the USU

woman dressed in suit happily stands at podium
Black History Month raises awareness of figures in history who have made a pathway to educate and create opportunities for people of color to have a better future.

Patel makes challenge for assembly

CSUN alum hopes third time is a charm with a run for public office

President Harrison assembles task force to address General Education Program

students hold signs of protest to keep section F
Task force assembled for general education following vote not to implement Executive Order 1100.

Crime Blotter 2/6-2/12

crime blotter logo
Wednesday, Feb. 7 - Witnesses reported a suspect smoking in a car the last two days violating the smoke free campus regulation. The suspect...

Weekly Picks: Hikes, bars, and a concert for a cause!

Feeling the blues for Spring Break already? These events just might make waiting a little bit easier!

Carcinogenic Coffee

coffee mug with warning sign on it
CERT demands Starbucks and other coffee merchants display signs warning customers of cancer risk.

Gamma Rho Lambda, CSUN’s sole LGBTQ+ sorority, holds week long rush

people stand outside house and happily pose for photo.
CSUN's first and only LGBTQ+ sorority, Gamma Rho Lambda, invites students to join their "all inclusive" sorority with week long events.