Crime Blotter 10/11-10/16

Monday, Oct. 09 Unknown suspects entered the victim's apartment in University Park Apartments building 2 through an unlocked sliding door on Sunday night and...

California is now a ‘sanctuary state’

An approved bill will vastly limit state and local authorities from aiding U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Tensions with North Korea cause some to fear of a future...

Amidst the tensions, there is a possibility of conscription

Society of Professional Journalists welcomes former CSUN alumnus Gary Klein

Klein graduated in 1983 and now covers the LA Rams for The Los Angeles Times.

Matadors celebrate Sukkot on campus

The Jewish Students Center, Chabad at CSUN has been celebrating Sukkot on campus for 12 years.

Students find lack of diversity among faculty impacts their education

Students discuss how lack of diversity in faculty affects them and how we can change that.

Caltrans and law enforcement sweep the homeless out of trails along...

Less than three miles from the CSUN campus, “the trails” that parallel the 405 freeway are home to one of the largest concentrations of homeless encampments in the San Fernando Valley.

Crime Blotter 10/2-10/8

Events may have happened weeks prior but were reported on the dates listed.

Gun Control Dividing a Nation

CSUN students and faculty get real about whether guns or people are to blame regarding the deadliest mass shooting in American history.

CSUN’s filmmakers challenge the lack of diversity in the entertainment industry

The 2017 Emmy award show made history with their winners of women and people of color. CSUN's filmmakers plan to keep diversity in film popular as they emerge into the industry.

“Fleeing massacre,” Rohingya Muslims escaping persecution from their home country of...

Being able to live freely and having a safe life in your home country is something that is easily taken for granted.Rohingya Muslims, like...

Should California Beaches Have Longer Curfews?

How would you feel if all California beaches stayed open all night?