CSUN makes room for new research building

New research building set to be built Fall 2017

WISDOM program introduced to provide mentors to students

The new program pairs students and faculty and aims to foster identity development

History repeats itself

Author Robert Lee Johnson talks about his new book and upcoming event in the Oviatt Library

Defenders of Democracy: City Hall ceremony in support of Muslim community

Hollywood stars and organization leaders gathered at Los Angeles City Hall to raise awareness about President Trump's travel ban

Crime blotter Feb. 6 – 12

Monday, Feb. 6An unknown suspect hit a vehicle in the B3 parking structure and fled the area. Tuesday, Feb. 7An unknown suspect wrote graffiti on...

Latest Town Hall meeting presents solutions to CSUN community

An informal discussion was held about improving student success for those from disadvantaged backgrounds

Political Science professor explains travel ban court process

CSUN professor explains the travel ban

$3 million grant awarded to professor by U.S. Department of Education

Project will put funds towards Latino and low-income students on campus

Skywatchers: look out for full moon, lunar eclipse, and comet

Enjoy a night sky with a triple feature

CSUN’s NAACP helps students cope with new executive orders

A group of students form a circle outside of sierra tower
There was a demonstration from the NAACP to inform people of what is occurring in the community

All Armenian Students Organization silent protest to raise awareness for history...

Student holds sign that reads,"A crime unpunished is a crime encouraged"
Students wore red tape over their mouths to symbolize denial

Middle-Class Scholarship under fire

Photo shows the inside of the financial aid and scholarship office
With the middle class scholarship threatened to be removed what will happen to the students that benefit from it?