Street racing suspected cause of deadly collision.

In quick deliberation, jury convicts man of murder

The CSUN Police Department is prepared in case of active shooter

Keith Goldstein leaves a legacy after dedicating more than 30 years at CSUN.

Students want Parsa to be appointed the new EOP director.

Students plan to deliver a formal response to the administration about the open director of EOP position.

A highly priced makeover for CSUN's pond is underway due to the excess of non-native animals.

Crime blotter for the week of May 2 to May 8

The new CSUN residents peak of aggression is estimated to occur around graduation festivities.

The current U.S. congresswoman discussed affordable education, water conservation and other issues she would like to address.

A new movie that met all expectations and then some.

The misunderstood holiday that has now been commercialized and associated as a day to drink.