Healthcare crisis affects CSUN students

two women pictured examining a patient's arm
The cost of healthcare affects the nation and CSUN students

Two cars collide at corner of Nordhoff and Lindley

small black car appears to have crashed, front-first into a building
Two cars were severely damaged after colliding into each other at the intersection of Nordhoff and Lindley.Kevin Melendez, one of the drivers involved, said...

A 3.6 earthquake strikes Westwood

graphic shows a map of LA and pinpoints the area (westwood) where the earthquake struck
According to the Los Angeles Times, there was no reported damage and a 2.0 aftershock struck.

Students share concerns over job security and financial stress

graphic shows a big money bag on top of a graduation cap
With the national student debt at $1.3 trillion dollars, CSUN students fear post-grad financial woes and breaking into the job market.

Mexico devastated by another earthquake

Photo shows and entire building crumbled to the floor, part of the aftermath of the earthquake in Mexico city
The death toll is more than 135 people but is expected to rise.

Crime Blotter week 9/19

crime blotter logo
Tuesday, Sept. 12Dorm residents in the University Park Apartment buildings 5, 8 and 13 were referred for drug and alcohol-law violations.A suspect stole a...

CSUN students discuss what they would do with $1 million in...

Students pictured waiting in a line
What would CSUN students do if they mistakenly received $1 million in financial aid like Sibongile Mani?

Imperfect Produce strives to stop food waste on campus

Cabbage pictured in the center of other vegetables with eyes glued on and a hat that says imperfect produce
A business seeks to save superficially ugly produce for use.

Trump supporters met with opposition by students before freshman convocation

Man pictured on the Oviatt lawn wearing a shirt that says, "Hillary for Prison" he is holding a sign up that says, "Antifa is the new facism"
Two men wearing “Make America Great Again” hats had to be escorted away from the Oviatt Lawn by campus police Thursday after a confrontation...

The Big One: Is CSUN ready for it?

Photo shows csun parking structure which is almost completely demolished
The residents of California constantly hear about the "The Big One," which is the massive earthquake that is destined to occur on the San...

“Beyond DACA Rally” protest marches through campus

Students protest at csun, one girl holds up a sign that says, "defend daca because trump's caca"
Protestors started in front of the Oviatt then marched to the Dream Center and ending their protest in the Pride Center.

Crime Blotter the week of September 11th

crime blotter logo
Sunday, Sept. 10Three males stole a couch at 1:15 a.m. from the second floor lobby of UPA 11. The suspects fled when confronted and...