CSUN tennis edges LMU in home opener


FILE PHOTO – Junior Mickey Hsu fell to 0-2 in singles matches at the Big West championships this year after falling in straight sets to UCSB on Friday. (Ashley Grant / The Sundial)

Lindsay Baffo

The CSUN women’s tennis team was victorious 4-3 in its home opener on Saturday against the Loyola Marymount University Lions, including several individual victories indicating a promising 2016 season.

The Matadors took no time taking LMU in the doubles.

Juniors Mickey Hsu and Kristen Poei claimed a 6-2 victory, their first of the season. Mari Taslagyan and Kiryang Kim fought successfully for their 6-3 victory.

The Matadors were technically undefeated in doubles, as one of the three matches was unfinished.

In singles, after several shortcomings, LMU led from the second through the fourth draws.

Coach Gary Victor surveyed his players from the center of the complex while the rest of the team provided ample support from the sidelines. The team eventually found its rhythm with Taslagyan.

Hsu’s recovery boasted a pair of tie-breaking victories, igniting a chain-reaction of impressive efforts by Taslagyan in the sixth match and Poei’s three-set victory, enough to bring the Matadors up to par with the Lions and eventually surpassing them in score.

In the 13th match, Hsu completed a straight-set victory and Poei conquered the third set of the fifth draw.

The Matadors will remain at home as they take on the current 2015 Big West Champions, Long Beach State on Feb. 5 at 1 p.m. in the first conference game of 2016.