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A quasi-scientific guide to maximizing illicit fun

For those inclined to drink, use recreational drugs and be promiscuous within hipster circles of Hollywood, “The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down” holds up a mirror dulled with powdery residue to their lifestyle.

“The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down” is a detailed guide to dos and don’ts of hipster Hollywood, from the categorization of substances into sketchy and fun drugs, to tips on how to maximize the potency of your drink via a well-placed tip at the bar.

The film follows a group of young Hollywood hipsters through their successes and failures at Cinespace, Beauty Bar, Star Shoes and the elusive house party, offering alternative scenarios formulated to elicit maximum fun, which in this case is the hookup.

The film is an excellent nostalgia trip if you yourself have frequented the clubs that are principal settings. For the unhip audience, the film will offer a well-executed introduction to the hipster lifestyle.

There are pitfalls to hard partying. To achieve maximum fun and minimal stress, the guide is divided into chapters dealing with various aspects of nightlife, such as boys, girls, booze, last call, drinking and driving, and the police.

The guide employs “scientists” to conduct “experiments” on scenarios that hipsters may encounter in the field, such as purchasing drugs, the hipster makeover, and the merits of marijuana. The outcomes are narrated in witty pseudo-scientific jargon, lending the film an air of the comically absurd.

This film is obviously meant for those who have partied, may want to party, or enjoy seeing a humorous and often insightful look at the minds of sex-crazed pleasure seekers. It is not for the pious or young audiences.

Also included in the guide are tools to gain access to the exclusive private party, including how to distract the doorman with the clipboard, while a friend looks over the list for unchecked names. The guide also explores the different kinds of bouncers, as distinguished by the hot dog rolls of fat they have on their necks; one “hot dog” for the private party bouncer, two for the bar bouncer, and up to eight for the alpha male of the group, the club bouncer.

The film highlights the various ways boys and girls hook up. For instance, the fauxmosexual is a guy who pretends to be gay to gain a woman’s confidence, inciting her desire to make him straight through a sexual encounter.

“The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down” is wonderful at defining things that have only been thought of in passing.

The film concludes with what hipsters are likely to think after every questionable hookup or hangover: “Don’t beat yourself up. You’ve had more fun in the last 10 hours than most people have had in a month.”

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