Delay in plea for man charged for murder of a CSUN student

Brian Anthony Gonzales, 24, also known as Brian Hammons,will appear in the Van Nuys Courthouse.

Brian Anthony Gonzales, 24, also known as “Brian Hammons,”will appear in the Van Nuys Courthouse.

Eric Licas

Judge Andrea Thompson has granted a petition to delay the submission of a plea from Brian Gonzales in connection to the January murders of Jerred Scott and CSUN student Emily Fox.

Defense Attorney Alan G. Karow cited the ongoing nature of the investigation in his request to commute the arraignment of his client.

“It’s a heartbreaking situation, but I hope people wait to hear the whole story,” Karow said.

Prosecutors accuse Gonzales of fatally shooting his ex-girlfriend, Fox, and her friend, Scott, on Jan. 17 at her apartment on the 7600 block of Oso Avenue in Winnetka.

“Neither side has seen a coroner’s report,” said court attendee Vickie Jensen, a professor of sociology and criminology at CSUN.

Jensen was seen speaking at length with District Attorney Sharon Ransom after the hearing. Fox was one of Jensen’s students, having had the professor for three classes. Jensen said Fox was building toward a career in criminal justice.

A group of six people, one of which identified himself as an older cousin of the defendant, was also present at the hearing. They declined to comment.

Gonzales is being held without bail. He is scheduled to submit pleas for two counts of murder at an arraignment hearing scheduled for April 21, 2016. If convicted, he faces a life sentence without the possibility of parole, or a death sentence.