Cultural diversity celebrated during annual CARNAVAL


The Raiz Brazil Dance Company dancing with students. Photo credit: Magaly Barajas

Edward Ruano

The University Student Union hosted its 19th annual CARNAVAL event to celebrate the cultural diversity at CSUN and around the globe.

The free event sprawled across Plaza Del Sol, featuring tables with henna tattoos and calligraphy artists, tarot card readings, a photo booth and more. Crowds of students gathered around the main stage featuring live performances, music and dancing on Thursday.

Among the performers were the Arte Flamenco Dance Company, the Bollywood Dance Company, the CSUN Jishin Taiko Ensemble and more.

“I just enjoyed all of the colorful costumes and movements, and it’s just so fun to get some fresh air and move around with the dancers,” said Angla Lee, a liberal studies major who got to dance with the Raiz Brazil Dance Company. “It was good exercise.”

The USU offered students free international food and drinks at the event, including Cuban potato balls, French cream puffs, Thai tea and Hawaiian coffee. A craft corner booth was also set up next to the cuisine tables, which taught students how to build Rasta bracelets, Russian nesting dolls and Mexican paper flowers.

“The focus of CARNAVAL is to immerse our students in sights, sounds and tastes representing the different cultures of the world and the great diversity here at CSUN,” said Audrey Martinez, event supervisor of USU Events. “Each performance will focus on traditional dance and offer an interactive teaching component where students can learn about the history and relevance of these traditions.”

Among the attractions were posts displaying different continents and respective countries from around the world, and a booth which allowed students to get their own CARNAVAL event passports.

“We hope that students who come by the event can take away new knowledge enriching their understanding of other cultures and the world around them,” Martinez saod. “CARNAVAL is a must-see event every year to see all these fun and interactive cultural pieces all under one event.”