Students unaware of AS elections, some will not vote


Students placed their vote for the AS Elections in front of the Oviatt Library from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., on Thursday. (Ashley Grant/ The Sundial) Photo credit: Ashley Grant


Students are headed to the polls tomorrow to vote in the A.S. Spring 2016 elections, although some are unaware of the elections.

Associated Students elections are being held today and tomorrow; although, a lot of students are unaware.

An Associated Students’ member, who wished to remain anonymous, said that more than 2,000 voters came out today to cast their vote.

Nicole Garcia, who is also a member of AS, said that she has not heard of the candidates or the position that are up for election.

Garcia said she isn’t aware of the candidates because she is focusing on other things.

“I kind of focus on other things and I’m also graduating so it is not going to affect me next semester,” Garcia said.

Garcia thinks AS could shed more light on the election if they went to classes and talked about the candidates.

Khaled Bitar, a student here at CSUN, said he is most likely not going to vote because he isn’t aware of candidates or positions open.

“I don’t know anybody there, and I haven’t researched anything about it,” Bitar said.

Geovanni Botticella said his vote “[Depends] on the day: whether I’m here or not.”

Botticella said he hasn’t really been paying attention to the election, but he thinks that is up to the students.

“It is more up to the students rather than the campus,” Botticella said. “The campus is doing all that it can, the students need to pay more attention.”

Ahmad Alhadl said he was not interested in the election because he doesn’t know much about it.

“I don’t know them [candidates] at all,” Alhadl said. “I don’t know what they did, I don’t know what they’re going to do.”

Alhadl thinks the University could shed more light on the election by making the candidates more visible.